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    Proceedings of the 2023 International Conference on Management Research and Economic Development

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    Canh Thien Dang, King's College London

    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia


  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230226

    Metaverse and Business Economics: Theoretical Foundations and Research Prospects

    The metaverse has become a hot topic driven by the scientific and technological foundation and actual needs. It has received widespread attention in the scientific community, the media, and the private sector. Some studies believe that the metaverse may completely change life patterns. Theoretically, theories related to the metauniverse emerge in an endless stream, but the combination of theory and industry is still in its infancy. This paper analyzes the current situation and development prospects of the metaverse industry from the three properties of the metaverse itself. The metauniverse has broken through the limitations of time and space and has a certain industrial foundation in entertainment, education, and psychotherapy. Human-machine integration is another property of the metauniverse itself. Reality is mapped to the virtual world and combined with virtual natives to bring a new sense of somatic feedback. The third point is the unique economic value of the metauniverse. Decentralized cryptocurrency is widely used, and digital collections are used as commodities in the virtual world to promote monetary circulation. At present, the data of the metaverse industry is relatively small. To analyze the value of the metauniverse more specifically, we need to summarize the data.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230227

    Analysis of Low User Retention Rate of Fitness Technology Platforms

    This study aims to investigate the reasons for low user retention on online fitness technology App platforms and to give recommendations. Through data collection and analysis, the study concludes that the main reasons for the low user retention rate of online fitness technology App platforms are the impact of video platforms, the lack of functional differences in the App itself, the single incentive approach of the App platform, the free content diversion of the App itself and the poor ecology of the platform. Given the limited target users and low user potential of such App platforms, this study makes the following recommendations: Development of Differential Functions to Promote Heterogeneous Competition, Extension of Equipment Chains to Improve Industry Ecology, Introduction of Fitness Celebrities to Incite User Emotions, and Integration of Fragmented Courses to Stimulate Cashback Psychology.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230228

    Analysis of the Online Marketing Model of Luxury Brands: Dior as an Example

    With the continuous increase of China's per capita income, it has gradually transitioned from the past subsistence consumption level to the current well-off level, and the purchasing ability of consumers has gradually improved, so luxury goods in China are becoming more and more popular, making China become one of the largest consumer countries. However, due to the raging epidemic and fast fashion brands, the rapid rise of light luxury brands, and the Internet, the development of luxury goods in China is also in a dilemma. To adapt to the development of new media, luxury brands have accelerated the layout of online markets to cater to consumers' shopping habits. Therefore, the research on the online marketing model of luxury brands has particular practical significance. In this paper, Dior is the main body to analyze it. Firstly, it introduces the background and competitiveness of the target brand Dior and expounds on the current situation of luxury online marketing in China by analyzing the marketing methods of Dior in the different modes of traditional and new media. In addition, the effect of Dior in the network marketing mode is shown and evaluated. Finally, the future development prospect of the online marketing of luxury brands is put forward.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230229

    Tencent Game Competitive Advantage Analysis

    In 2019, COVID-19 swept the world, significantly blowing the Chinese and global markets. Maintaining market share has become the goal of Chinese and even global enterprises. Based on huge market research and data, a few enterprises are still maintaining growth momentum under the sluggish market environment, and the Tencent game is one of them. This article takes "Tencent Game Competitive Advantage Analysis" as the topic, selects Tencent Game as the research object, analyzes the online game industry environment using Porter’s five forces model, and analyzes Tencent Game’s competitive advantages from the aspects of research and development, marketing, operation, and anti-risk ability so that it remains in the leading position in the game market and still obtains much economic income in the face of adverse circumstances. By analyzing Tencent’s competitive advantages, it has great reference value and experience for the future development of other online game companies.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230230

    Analysis of the Competitive Advantages of Cross-border E-commerce Unicorn SHEIN

    Cross-border e-commerce can significantly reduce the threshold of overseas market development. In recent years, cross-border e-commerce flourished, and many domestic enterprises have tried to go overseas. The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has led to innovation in business. It has created convenient conditions for goods to build brand image in overseas markets. With the development of cross-border e-commerce, more and more talents will flock to this industry. The strategies used by each enterprise are different, and the supply chain and brand management of each enterprise will affect their status and influence in the cross-border e-commerce industry. SHEIN is a cross-border e-commerce company mainly focusing on fashion, clothing, accessories, etc. This article will analyze SHEIN's competitive advantages from several specific aspects and give some suggestions. Through the study and analysis of SHEIN, we have a more accurate and practical understanding of the cross-border e-commerce industry and this brand.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230231

    Study on the Development Status of Smart Home: Huawei Smart Home as an Example

    With the rapid development of the economy and technology and the application of technologies such as 5G in the Internet of Things, the smart home gradually enters the daily life of consumers through the presentation of different scenes. Multiple factors influence Huawei’s late start in the smart home. This passage uses the 4PS marketing strategy and PEST analysis to conduct research from four levels: politics, economy, technology, and society. The study finds that in the development process of the Huawei smart home, political and economic factors play a leading role, while technology and social factors play a mentoring role. Four factors promote its rapid development under the macro environment. Relevant political conditions promote the development of smart home. In contrast, good economic conditions promote the rise of smart home, and developed technical conditions give smart home innovation and optimization power. Finally, social groups directly affect the popularity of smart home.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230232

    The Performance Variation of Film Industry During Different Phases of COVID-19 Based on CAPM

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the financial market since 2020. The lock-down and social distancing measures have brought challenges to the film industry. This study analyzes stock prices and examines the impact of the pandemic on film industry through CAPM. Five big film companies are selected as a typical sample to investigate the performance of film industry. Data including daily returns and close prices of each stock is extracted from Yahoo Finance. In addition, linear regression is used in this study to calculate the stock’s beta, alpha and R-square based on CAPM. According to the analysis, the pandemic outbreak has increased the unavoidable risks of the film industry brought from the market. Stocks of five film companies performed worse than expected, which indicated that the pandemic did put a bad effect on the film industry. Besides, the performance of five film companies is relative with the market but with higher fluctuation, indicating that there are more uncertainties in film industry compared to the market. These results shed light on guiding further exploration of film industry’s emergency responses towards events like pandemic.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230233

    Challenges Faced by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China When Seeking Low-cost Financing

    SME (small and medium-sized Enterprises) financing has been difficult in recent years. But, SMEs are vital to the economy and must be helped to thrive. China calls SMEs "Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine" since they account for more than 50% of national tax revenue, 60% of GDP, 70% of technological innovation, 80% of jobs, and 90% of enterprises. SMEs drive long-term, sustainable economic growth that benefits everyone. But, reducing SMEs' breathing space will hurt China's economy. Thus, SMEs' problems are the economy's problems, and it is worth investigating and trying to solve them. Most studies examine SMEs' finance dilemma's causes, while others focus on a specific solution. This paper examines these finance issues and weighs the pros and cons of various solutions. This paper uses a literature review to explore China's economy, the problem, risk perception, and its effects. The study also discusses possible solutions and future development.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230234

    Elon Musk’s Twitter Buyout: Game-Changer in Social Media

    The $44 billion acquisition of Twitter is full of drama, according to Elon Musk. It could even serve as a case study for future industry leaders. But Twitter is a complete mismatch with Elon Musk's existing or ongoing business units. At the same time, Musk is trying to enforce his will with a new acquisition strategy that has sent certain messages. He said he was buying Twitter for freedom of speech. By comparing his company's business model to its industry. Twitter as a media platform doesn't fit with Musk's original business landscape, but he has a new acquisition strategy that is getting its message across. Musk's wealth comes largely from his stakes in Tesla and SpaceX. Both companies were funded by private investment and government contracts and have grown and succeeded. Before the acquisition, Twitter had been struggling with financial challenges. Musk may have seen the potential to turn around Twitter's finances, using the platform to influence public opinion and have more control over the narrative on the platform. Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter highlights the potential impact on a struggling business of a chief executive with a large stake in a number of successful companies. Despite business model mismatches, Musk's experience in growing and growing his company, combined with his belief in the power of social media, could lead to a successful future for Twitter.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230235

    Targeted Advertising Placement in Video Platforms: Implications for Business Profitability

    Advertising is an important tool used to deliver commercial messages with a strong economic purpose. With the development of online information, more and more companies or advertisers choose to advertise on large video platforms. However, the ambiguity of advertising positioning has led to a low tolerance of the audience population to the advertisements placed on video platforms. "Targeted advertising" and "precision marketing" have always been commercial buzzwords, and targeted advertising is one of the marketing strategies of precision marketing. In this paper, we explore the attitudes and preferences of different groups of people in terms of ad appearance, ad type and ad content, as well as the differences and connections between public service ads and commercial ads, using a large video platform in mainland China as a background. Among them, it is found that for the group of company employees, they prefer food-based ads, which is quite different from what is expected. For companies, placing more precisely targeted ads is conducive to positive communication in the bilateral market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230236

    An Ingenious Study on the CPTPP's Governance of Cross-Border Data Flows

    Obviously, due to the continuous development of Internet technology, transnational data flows brought about by e-commerce and other Internet enterprises have become the target of various countries' attention and searches for new governance solutions. By studying numerous laws and regulations, international treaties and related literature, this paper examines the differences between the traditional European and American governance systems for cross-border data flows and the high-standard regional trade agreements represented by the CPTPP in a comparative manner. The comparative study concludes that international treaties such as the CPTPP focus more on and takes into account the realities of developing countries than Europe and the United States, while the European and American systems are more inclined to dominate the content of international inter-treaties based on their own ideas.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230237

    Protection of Small and Medium-sized Investors under the Securities Law A Study on Information Disclosure and Early Payment System of Listed Companies

    Small and medium-sized investors occupy the vast majority of China's securities market. However, the rights and interests of small and medium investors are not protected due to the disparity of power with companies, lengthy trial periods, high trial costs and lack of professional knowledge. Through comparative legal analysis, the article first examines the natural investors, followed by the analysis of the policies and implementation status in China and the United States based on data and cases, along with the viability of relevant policies in both countries. Finally, it provides suggestions for the existing policies.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230238

    Quantitative Factor Exploration Based on Insider Trading Detection

    Factor research has always been the focus of financial quantitative forecasting research. In the existing multi-factor strategies, we have noticed that the combination modes of factors are different and arbitrary. We hope to develop a more accurate and effective multi-factor model by selecting the most common and most interpretable multi-factors and combining them with equal weight method and assigned weights developed by Hidden Markov Model after some optimizations applied to selected multi-factors. At the same time, we noticed that in the existing data information, there are reports or information that reveal the insider trading of related companies. The existing reports show that the abnormal data volume caused by insider trading will make the prediction of the model inaccurate. Therefore, we added insider trading as a factor into our model training through the order imbalance algorithm to obtain more accurate prediction results. The results show that the multi-factor model is interpretable and effective, and its effect is better than the predicted value than that of the single factor model. After adding the related factors of insider trading into the forecast, it has a certain normalization effect on the original predicted value with large deviation, but has little influence on the effect of the original value with small deviation, which proves the effectiveness of our factor based on insider trading.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230239

    Empirical Test of CAPM Model in Stock Market

    The rapid development of the economy has brought about the continuous accumulation of personal assets, and at the same time, the concept of financial management is rapidly budding and spreading. People's rapidly expanding consumer desire makes stocks, funds, and other products more appealing, leading them to prefer the financial route. However, stocks and funds need investors to bear certain risks, generally speaking, the greater the risk, the more lucrative the investment returns. The CAPM model was born for this reason, and its main content is the relationship between yield and risk and equilibrium pricing. The application of the CAPM model in the stock market has always been the focus of attention. As a core part of the stock market, the banking sector has an inseparable relationship with finance. Therefore, this paper selects eight stocks of banks with long listed times and top market capitalization rankings, conducts empirical analysis on their trading data from 2018 to 2021, and employs the time series detection method to test whether the single factor CAPM model is effective in the Chinese stock market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230241

    Research on Investment Value in the Heath-care Stock Market

    The healthcare industry is one of the most valuable industries in the world, mainly because of the increasing demand for healthcare every day. Healthcare is a basic need, and one cannot live without it, which means it is a never-ending industry. Its value continues to rise every day as people seek out such services. Therefore, this paper chooses McKesson, an excellent enterprise in the healthcare industry, as the research object. An introduction to the topic is provided first, providing a brief overview of the healthcare stock market. A literature review is also provided to provide details of other studies on the same topic. It also determines the methods used to obtain and analyze data; and then specifically analyzes McKesson's cash flow, operating profit, profitability, and other data indicators to judge McKesson's overall operating conditions comprehensively. Finally, McKesson has a steady income stream and strong financials among its healthcare stocks for investors looking for the long term.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230242

    Capital Structure and Enterprise Performance: Evidence from Non-financial Companies in China

    The capital structure has always been the core of corporate finance. The relationship between capital structure and enterprise performance is a key issue for the decision-making and the development of corporate. This paper reviews the classical theory of capital structure and explores the influence and mechanism of capital structure on corporate performance through theoretical analysis and empirical analysis. This research uses the company’s profitability and innovation ability to measure the enterprise’s performance, which respectively represents its short-term competitiveness and long-term sustainable development ability. This paper takes China's non-financial listed companies from 2016 to 2020 as samples, uses the fixed effects model and considers the endogenous problem and the heterogeneity of enterprise size, ownership and industry. The empirical results show that there is an inverted U-shaped relationship between capital structure and performance. This paper further improves the discussion on the relationship between capital structure and enterprise performance, and provides some theoretical suggestions for enterprises to determine the optimal capital structure scientifically in the context of China's current deleveraging policy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230243

    Research on the Development of Beauty Brand Marketing Based on SWOT Analysis: Taking Florasis as an Example

    With the rapid development of the domestic economy, China's cosmetics industry has maintained a steady growth momentum, and domestic beauty brands such as Florasis have been loved by a large number of consumer groups. This paper conducts a SWOT analysis on Florasis's current situation and target consumers, so as to specifically analyze Florasis's current marketing strategy. It can be concluded that, with unique brand positioning and safe product ingredients, Florasis is good at using the advantages of network marketing and promotion to make up for its disadvantages in operation and management. By grasping the blank market of oriental classical beauty makeup and using the marketing strategy of online and offline simultaneous promotion such as star effect, IP joint name, and KOL promotion, Florasis enhances its brand awareness and will open up overseas markets in the future.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230244

    Fast Food Business: Taking McDonald's and KFC for Example

    Nowadays, the development of fast food industry is more and more popular with people, especially young people. When it comes to the fast food industry, most people will think of McDonald’s and KFC. It is undeniable that these two companies account for most of the fast food market share in the market, but most people will think that there is no difference between the two companies. Therefore, the author wants to know whether there are some differences and similarities between them. The author invests in this situation by comparing data and business models to understand how these companies coexist. In fact, the profit of McDonald’s and KFC is almost the same. Because McDonald’s and KFC operate in a somewhat different way. The author conducted the survey because it can let more and more people understand the subtle differences between two similar companies. The research in this paper has important practical significance for the fast food industry to achieve precision marketing.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230245

    The Influence of Social Network Sites on Consumer Psychology --- A study on Bilibili Users

    This paper aims to explore the influence of social network sites (SNSs) on consumer psychology, focusing on Bilibili users. Nowadays, technology giant companies continuously developed SNSs, whether they are applications or social media websites. They have made a huge difference in people’s normal lives, especially those teenage users. However, these constant changes are having a significant effect on people’s consumption behavior---how they think when it comes to purchasing or how they would react when facing a brand-new product. These effects are what the paper mainly focuses on to research. To achieve this goal, a survey was conducted on a sample of 100 users of Bilibili. The survey results were analyzed to determine the influence of SNSs on consumer psychology. The results showed that Bilibili users were affected by SNSs in terms of their social media consumption behavior, attitude toward consumption, and consumption motivation. It was also found that the influence varied with different types of users and different types of consumption activities. The findings of this study provide useful insights into the relationship between SNSs and consumer psychology. Besides, it also suggests that SNS can be used as an effective tool for marketers to influence consumer behavior and attitudes to promote goods.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230246

    A Review of the Global Economic Shock in 2022 and a Prediction of the Global Economic Development in 2023

    In 2022, affected by global macroeconomic fluctuations, the economies of some countries around the world have experienced obvious fluctuations, thereby promoting inflation in various countries and limiting the rapid development of some industries around the world. This paper reviews the global economic shock in 2022 and analyzes the impact of China's economy on global economic development from the perspective of the new energy sector. As an important part of new energy, the photovoltaic industry can be analyzed to obtain a development forecast of the global economy in 2023. By analyzing the development of the photovoltaic industry, it is concluded that China's economy and the global economy will show a recovery trend in 2023.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230247

    Marketing and Promotion Methods of Different Products — Taking Instagram as an Example

    With the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, various distinctive products have appeared one after another, and the competition has become more and more fierce. Merchants are looking for the most suitable marketing method in order to promote their products. This article will study the three marketing channels of TV commercials, promotions and social media platforms and the promotion methods of the two major product types of beauty products and daily necessities. This article will compare the contemporary applicability and effectiveness of these three marketing channels to analyze the best contemporary marketing channel and then start with the characteristics of three different types of products to analyze the role of different products in this marketing channel. The best way to market. The study found that social media platform promotion stands out as the most effective promotion method in the contemporary era; the marketing methods of beauty products and daily necessities are all based on blogger promotion and photo promotion.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230248

    The Influence of BTS on the Expansion of Its Affiliated Company

    There are many articles related to the Korean entertainment industry, but there are very few descriptions and analyses of individual groups or artists. Therefore, the research topic of this paper is the influence of BTS on the expansion of its affiliated company. This paper examines the impact of BTS on the company from three perspectives: the impact of BTS on the company's profitability, the company's popularity, and the company's strategic direction. Bighit has gone from being on the brink of bankruptcy to being one of the top four entertainment companies, and it's a credit to BTS. In 2016 BTS released the album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life which made Bighit's first turnaround, and the company's name gradually began to be known to the public and received its first investment, which Bighit also relied on to get out of trouble, and in 2018 BTS released the album Love Yourself, which once again caused a sensation and started its concert tour. BTS’s high popularity could lead to good popularity for new groups to be launched in the future; the success of BTS in the US and Korea also led HYBE (Original Bighit Entertainment) to focus on these markets and to launch groups such as TXT for the Korean market. Therefore, it is found that BTS has a significant impact on the expansion of the company in terms of company size, market share, company popularity, acquisition, and strategic markets.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230249

    Research on Applications of Availability Heuristics

    The availability heuristics is a cognitive bias that causes individuals to rely on easily accessible or readily available information to make decisions, rather than a more comprehensive analysis of all available information. This paper discusses the applications of the availability heuristics in various domains, including marketing and stock market investments, based on empirical and case studies research. In marketing, the availability heuristics can influence consumer behavior by pitching problems before pitching the products and advertising the success and benefits of previous users, thereby increasing the demand for the products. In the stock market, investors may overestimate the likelihood of certain events based on recent news or performance, leading to biased investment decisions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230250

    The Impact of U.S. Monetary Policy on Metal Futures Prices: An Arch Model Analysis

    The article empirically examines the impact of U.S. monetary policy on futures prices of non-ferrous metals (including copper, alum, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, and overall non-ferrous metal price index), using the data since the 1980s. The regression analysis with the arch model indicates that the rise of federal funds rates has some extent explaining power on the decrease of metal futures prices, as shown by the significant negative relationship between them. Intuitively, an increase in interest rates reduces currency liquidity and suppresses the demand for commodities such as non-ferrous metals, thus the decrease of their prices. Besides, this research also identifies a significant correlation between futures prices and M2, with a positive correlation between the means of their variables and a negative correlation between the variances of the variables. The metal spot price reasonably predicts its corresponding future prices, as those two prices are found significantly positively correlated with coefficients around 0.9-1.1.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230251

    China's Economic Rejuvenation Policy Adjustment in the Post-Epidemic Period -- Against the Background of Local Financial Problems, Rapid Aging of Society, and Sino-US Trade Tension

    Since China officially lifted the nationwide blockade and entered the post-epidemic era, various problems have gradually surfaced. The real estate industry is suffering, unemployed people have reached a new high, medical insurance reform has been hindered, import and export trade has shrunk, and economic growth has slowed sharply. There are many reasons behind it, but they are all related to three major backgrounds: local financial difficulties, a rapidly aging society, and Sino-US trade frictions. Judging from the current situation, China's economic downturn will not change in the short term. There is an urgent need for a response to the question of how to stop economic decline as much as possible, lessen the burden on the populace, manage this crisis effectively, and use it as a chance to release risks, upgrade industrial capacity, and set the groundwork for a future economic revival. Based on the obtained secondary documents, this paper mainly uses Japan, which has a similar cultural background and economic development process, as a comparison object to study the relevant policies and regulations newly promulgated by the Chinese government in the fields of local debt, social aging, and Sino-US trade frictions. Through the analysis of this paper, the current Chinese government should not continue the active and loose economic policy it adopted after the Reform and Opening in 1978, but rather should weaken government operations, cut spending, loosen market economy restrictions, and eventually reform the economic system.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230252

    The Transformation of China's Chemical Industry: Analysis of the Causes and Countermeasures from the Perspective of Circular Economy

    This article concerns analyzing China's chemical industry from the circular economy perspective, which will elaborate on the reasons for applying circular economy policies in this industry and the countermeasures (solutions) for the chemical industry or firms achieving a circular economy. The reasons include the economic, energy, and environmental aspects. From an economic aspect, the trend of the total revenue of the chemical industry in China from 2005 to 2021 is constantly increasing. Moreover, in 2021, its total revenue was top in the world. Thus, China's chemical industry benefits China's economy and has predominance globally, which is an essential industry. Furthermore, in energy and environmental aspects, the chemical industry in China has the characteristics such as high emissions, and high-pollutions, and being energy-intensive. These features damage the environment and sustainable development. Fortunately, this article will state the solutions for reaching CE in this industry when adopting circular economy policies. The countermeasures contain decarbonization and a circular chemistry framework, which are the reliable solutions presently.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230253

    Rewards, Penalties and Real Case References: Improvement of the Last Mile Delivery in USA

    The growth of the platform economy has fueled the rapid growth of the cargo transportation industry. However, while it continues to scale up, many problems of the existing freight transportation industry are being exposed - environmental damage, harming consumers, and even depriving producers of profits. The last-mile problem is particularly significant. The United States and China, two of the world's largest countries, have representative platform economy enterprises, namely Amazon and Taobao. These two companies' different freight models represent the two existing mainstream freight models in the world - free home delivery and stagecoach containers. By comparing the two companies' existing last-mile delivery problems and analyzing the two countries' different cultural backgrounds, this paper tries to solve the existing last-mile problems by introducing reward and punishment mechanisms and applying the two models to each other. In this way, enterprises in each country can learn from each other's distribution models and find the optimal solution for the platform economy distribution model.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230254

    Analysis of the Product Evolution and Marketing Strategy of Apple Company

    Apple Inc. has been one of the dominant enterprises within the industry but still faces problems like losing market share. This paper aims to analyze the strength of Apple’s product and the corporate concept to better understand and cope with the industry market. The research will mainly focus on Apple Inc.’s products, market strategies and developmental strategies with published information. In general, Apple products’ unique characteristic is crucial for the company to dominate the market. To regain the market share, Apple Inc. needs to establish suitable pricing and market strategy to adapt the changing environment and universal consumer groups. At the same time, Apple Inc. should further develop its unique characteristic to expand its products’ advantages.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230255

    The Impact of Monetary Policy on Income and Wealth Equality

    The gap between rich and poor has become one of the inescapable problems of the 21st century. It is important to study whether monetary policy can cause inequality in the distribution of income and wealth and, consequently, the widening of the income and wealth gap. This paper first introduces the three channels through which monetary policy affects the distribution of income and wealth, and analyses their effects on inequality according to different transmission mechanisms. The paper analyses the impact of monetary policy on wealth inequality from both empirical and theoretical perspectives and draws broad conclusions: 1. accommodative monetary policy reduces the debt burden of households, reduces the downward pressure on the economy, and thus promotes wealth equality; 2. expansionary monetary policy widens income inequality through the asset mix channel. Finally, combined with the theoretical analysis, the paper gives corresponding suggestions for optimising and improving China's monetary policy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230257

    Design and Incentives of Equity Incentives in Chinese SOEs in Response to Environmental Uncertainty -- Case study of Hikvision based on grounded theory

    High-tech companies are the most affected by restrictions on their ability to innovate. As the epitome of high-tech enterprise development in China, Hikvision actively explores and boldly innovates the equity incentive method and is always adapting to cope with internal and external environmental instability. This paper analyzes and compares the first four equity incentives based on the uncertainty factors and motivations of the internal and ex-ternal environment of the enterprise, takes this as the starting point, starts from the environmental motivations, and according to the constructively-rooted theory proposed by Glaser and Strauss, carries out programmed coding for the three dimensions of environmental factors, equity incentive plan selection and overall enterprise value enhancement. In this paper, we investigate the rationality of Hikvision's equity incentive policy setting, evaluate the effectiveness of the equity incentive policy, and predict the likelihood of equity lock-up under future environmental trends through tools such as excess return and return on equity. Based on the advantages and disadvantages, this paper puts forward the improvement of the equity incentive policy already implemented, and puts forward the universal suggestions on the application of equity incentive to deal with the environmental uncertainty, and establishes the equity incentive model for enterprises to deal with the uncertain environment to help enterprises make better management decisions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230258

    Decomposition and Analysis of Household Electricity Consumption Inequality in China

    Achieving equal electricity distribution among households is crucial to equal access to socioeconomic opportunities and hence shared prosperity in China. This paper studies the inequalities in household electricity consumption with the Theil index. It overcomes the drawbacks of using the Gini and Atkinson’s indexes in previous studies in this area. It provides insight into the inter- and intra-regional and urban-rural inequalities with inequalities decomposed with Theil’s method. Comparisons are made between the results for electricity and private consumption inequality, with possible explanations for the findings. The findings can substantiate several arguments. First, high income and personal consumption inequalities may not accompany substantial electricity consumption disparities. The latter is not solely reliant on economic well-being as the region’s development and modernization may help universalize electrification when enlarging private consumption inequality. Second, inter-regional inequality is less significant for the overall disparity in electricity consumption than personal consumption inequality. The expansion and reform of the power industry in recent decades may explain the difference. Third, the climate also impacts electricity consumption and inequality. In cold regions, electricity expenditures can be rendered more unequal by the different choices of heating mode and appliance. Finally, industrialization, urbanization, and local development may explain the urban-rural electrical and private consumption disparity. Due to its natural and agricultural resources and early railway construction, the Northeast avoided growth in inequity after urbanization, in contrast to the East, Central, and West.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230259

    Variables that Influence Customers' Choice to Purchase Term Deposits

    This paper focuses on how to use data mining technology to improve the success rate of bank periodical deposits subscriptions, under the premise of considering the data imbalance problem, processing customer data and making targeted subscription recommendations according to the final classification results to reduce the cost of the bank, ultimately to increase the benefit of the bank. This paper investigates the potential factors that can influence a customer's decision to subscribe to a time deposit at a bank. To do this, a decision tree algorithm was used to analyze 21 different factors that may have an impact on this decision. Through this analysis, a decision tree model of influencing factors of bank customer subscription to time deposits was constructed. This model provides useful insights into how customer behavior may be influenced by various factors, and can be used to inform decisions around marketing and product development. Research has revealed that there are three key factors which have a major impact on customers subscribing to time deposits: the employee index, the duration, and the month. By taking these three factors into account, banks can optimize the range of customers they market time deposits to, and increase their efficiency in this regard. This can lead to an increased number of subscriptions, and more successful campaigns due to the targeted approach. Additionally, banks can use this research to identify areas of improvement and focus on aspects that can further increase the success rate of their campaigns.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230260

    Critical Factors Impacting Consumer Behavior in Douyin E-commerce

    After the global public health emergency, changes in consumer behavior are subtly affecting people's lives. Based on the Douyin e-commerce platform, and marketing concepts, including the Stimulus-Organism-Response model (SOR), Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM), and consumer decision-making process, this paper studies the transformation of consumer behavior through statistical methods. From the research results, it can be concluded that consumer purchasing aspirations can increase by 2.919 times when the total assessment of the recommended goods in the Douyin e-commerce platform increases by one unit. Based on this, changes in consumer behavior will help scholars find future research directions. At the same time, suggestions based on the results can also outline a future blueprint for the development of short video e-commerce companies and industries.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230261

    Analysis of Coca-Cola's Marketing Strategy

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have paid more and more attention to their health. This has led to more and more people seeking fresh juice, diet drinks and other healthy drinks. As a representative of high-sugar and fat-prone drinks, what marketing means will Coca-Cola choose to ensure the survival of the company under this social background? In addition, how will different stakeholders be affected? In this article, we will use PESTLE, stakeholder, and SWOT analysis, as well as Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC) and Ansoff Matrix analysis, to demonstrate how Coca-Cola Company uses technology and innovative marketing strategies to gain a large number of loyal and long-term customers. It can be concluded that Coca-Cola made various decisions under the threat of other competitors in an environment where people pay more attention to their health.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230262

    Targeted Response from China's New Energy Vehicle Enterprises Analysis Based on Article 6 of FSR

    The EU expects to reduce the carbon emissions of all new cars sold to zero by 2035, and new cars that need traditional energy will be banned from the market. This provides policy prospects for China's new energy vehicle enterprises to enter Europe, but the introduction of the Foreign Subsidy Regulation has become a new restriction. Article 6 of the FSR stipulates that the European Commission needs to balance various factors when dealing with subsidies. China's new energy vehicle enterprises can start with this article and mitigate relevant legal risks through interpretation based on the interests of the EU. China's new energy vehicle enterprises can reduce legal risks by using exception clauses, stating the rationality of prices and promoting the realization of environmental protection policy objectives of the EU based on technology.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230263

    The Characteristics, Existing Problems and Solving Strategies of Webcast with Goods

    Live-streaming sales have become one of the most popular marketing methods, attracting the participation of both major brands and internet celebrities. As this strategy has become more mainstream, its problems have also been laid bare. By analyzing the characteristics, issues and solutions of this medium, this paper aims to create a positive environment for live-streaming sales and provide greater consumer protection. Secondarily, this paper intends to provide practical advice for entrepreneurs interested in engaging in the live-streaming sales industry.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230264

    Whether Factors Affecting the Price of US Coffee C Futures Are Influenced by the COVID-19 Social Environment

    During COVID-19, the social environment influenced factors, including monetary policy, precipitation, temperature, exports, imports, tariffs, inflation, and household incomes, resulting in the fluctuation of coffee pricing. This paper selects US Coffee C futures as the benchmark of global coffee pricing, with the US as the representative of the exporting country and Brazil as the representative of the importing country. Based on the data collected from Brazil and US from 2015 to 2022, the research found the following: (1) Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the relationship between the US & EU tariffs and coffee pricing showed a positive trend due to the increase of substitutions' price. Monetary policy, delegated by the exchange rate of BRL against USD, indicates a negative direction toward coffee pricing. This is because it changes the value of coffee beans. Also, the import of coffee beans from Brazil to the US is slightly positively related to coffee pricing since the demand for coffee beans in the US exceeds Brazil's supply. (2) Combined with what is mentioned in (1), the following three factors most affect the COVID-19 social environment. The EU tariffs are becoming insignificant due to general and preferential rates converging. Because the monetary policy has lost much of its ability to influence local markets, it becomes unimportant to global coffee pricing. Meanwhile, international import from the US and export from Brazil becomes relevant to coffee pricing because of the transportation and Brazilian production problems.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230265

    The Impact of AI on Economic Growth Between China and the United States During the Period 2011—2021

    With the introduction of the concept of Industry 4.0 and the widespread use of artificial intelligence in various fields, this paper explores whether the development of artificial intelligence in China and the United States has affected economic development within the last decade. The results show that AI development in both China and the US will impact economic development and that there is a positive relationship between AI and economic development. Meanwhile, comparing the effects of AI on economic growth in these two countries, it is found that the United States would gain more benefits from the higher level of development of AI.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230266

    Quantitative Analysis of Inflation and Unemployment Rates on Exchange Rate Movement: An Empirical Study Based on Data in the US from 2009 to 2022

    The research paper determined the impact of inflation and unemployment rates on the exchange rates in the United States from January 2009 to December 2022, the statistically significant variables among the variables included in this study. The independent variables besides the two used were: - interest rates and bank lending rates. Two regression models were performed, with the first comprising all the variables and the second containing all the independent variables that turned significant in the first regression model. Terms of trade categorized as favorable and unfavorable were used as a control variable on the second regression model with only inflation and unemployment rates. Unemployment rates were negatively related to Exchange in that a percentage increase in this rate would contribute to a reduction in the Exchange rate by 2.63 units. On the other hand, inflation rates increase by a percentage would increase Exchange rates by 0.34 units. Analysis was done in Microsoft Excel and reported at a 95% Confidence Interval. Around 64% of the exchange rates in the United States were explained by these variables used in the study.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230267

    The Impact of Scientific Research on Economic Growth: An Empirical Study Based on Data from 20 Countries in 2000-2018

    This article aims to reveal the relationship between scientific and technological development and economic growth, which is essential in figuring out what ultimately decides economic development. This paper uses the empirical method and adopts data about the economy, technology, and education of the 20 most significant economic communities from 2000 to 2018 to analyze how science and technology creativity will influence economic growth. A meaningful finding may be that scientific research and high education are not always favorable to economic growth. Only after a country's research and education level reaches a point can they play a positive role in the economy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230268

    The Effect of Technological Innovation on the Economic Development in China and Japan

    Technological innovations have significantly affected rural, urban, and international economic development. Technology has improved agricultural productivity, reduced production costs, and increased access to markets in rural areas. In urban areas, technology has led to new industries and enhanced productivity while enabling more excellent connectivity and access to information. At the international level, technology has facilitated global trade and the exchange of information, leading to increased economic interdependence. However, there are also concerns that technological innovations may exacerbate existing inequalities, particularly in rural areas and developing countries. Therefore, it is crucial to consider technological innovations' potential benefits and drawbacks to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic development.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230269

    The Impact of Alpha Wave Music On Employee Productivity In Real Work Environments

    In recent years, it has been discovered in some brainwave studies that alpha waves are one of the four basic brainwaves that effectively activate the left hindbrain region. Therefore, a type of music has emerged that can trigger these brainwaves, collectively known as Alpha wave music. This article aims to demonstrate whether Alpha Wave Music can make employees more productive so companies can increase their effectiveness affordably and efficiently. This study fills a gap in the application of Alpha wave music in practical application scenarios and builds a data model on the relationship between performance and employee competencies. After investigating the needs of technology companies for employee competencies this year, by linking performance with mathematical computation, concentration, and creativity, a controlled experiment was conducted to conclude that this type of music does have the ability to enhance employee performance. If there is the ability to conduct another more in-depth study in the future, the influences that are more specific to the internal factors of the employees can be modeled, and the final model based on a combination of external and internal factors can be obtained in the most total, and then the influence of Alpha wave music on performance can be further established.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230270

    The Analysis of Chanel’s Marketing Strategies

    The fashion and luxury industry dates back to the nineteenth and earlier centuries. Today, the industry is a multibillion enterprise involved in producing, marketing and selling various products. These include clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and luxury goods. Many companies have grown and developed within this industry over the centuries. One of the iconic and renowned luxury brands is Chanel company. This paper will focus on Chanel's marketing strategy, paying attention to aspects of its production line, pricing, market share, and marketing strategies, such as advertising, among other elements. This research will help gain insights into different aspects of the company, especially its role in becoming one of the brand leaders in the fashion industry. The research can provide insights into brand positioning, marketing mix, consumer psychology, and other factors contributing to its success. The research will employ primary and secondary data sources, such as the analysis of company financial and marketing reports and a review of relevant literature. The paper will also use comparative analysis by looking at earlier trends and cultures that have helped shape the fashion industry and the Chanel company. This paper finds that Chanel's marketing strategy is carefully analyzed to differentiate itself from other brands and secure a sizeable market share. Looking at some of these aspects of its differentiation will provide insights into its successes and market domination.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230272

    Research on the Influence of Female Director Ratio on Business Performance -- Explanation from the Symbolism Theory

    Due to the improvement of women's ability and status in the workplace, the role of female directors in corporate boards has also attracted extensive attention from scholars. Compared with Western countries' emphasis on women's rights and interests protection, the proportion of female directors in China is relatively low. The symbolism theory holds that companies appoint female directors only to signal to establish women in society, which is only a nominal appointment rather than based on female directors' characteristics or abilities. It has no relationship with the actual operation of the enterprise. Using the data of Chinese A-share listed companies from 2008 to 2018, this paper empirically proves that the presence of female directors has no significant impact on the business performance of enterprises.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230271

    Customer Satisfaction Assessment in Banks

    The Chinese banking industry's physical services have been severely impacted recently. The service model of major types of banks in China has undergone relatively significant changes. This study aims to assess customer satisfaction for various kinds of banks in China in recent years. Based on the data from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission for the past three years, we conducted a spss analysis on these data. Specifically, the factors affecting bank customer satisfaction were mined through comparative analysis, factor analysis, and ANOVA. A data set study demonstrated that customer satisfaction of different bank categories was not merely about deposits and loans but more about service experience and quality wealth asset allocation. The results indicate that to maintain their banking edge in the current economic downturn, all categories of banks must keep up with the social environment and pay sufficient attention to finance business.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230273

    Influencing Factor Analysis for Automobile Customers Based on One-Way ANOVA and Decision Tree

    Customer-related companies are always doing researches on the customer behaviors in order to promote the profitability, and one of the most representative corporations is the automobile companies. For long time they are studying on the customer segments and using different methods to treat them. Therefore, this paper studies the influencing factors of the customer spending level and the classification method to determine different customer segments and give predictions for future customers. Firstly, method of One-Way ANOVA is used to determine the significance of influence on each factor, and the result shows that attributes including Age, Gender, Graduated, Married, Work Experience and Family Size have a determining impact on the customer spending level. Then, based on all these variables included, a decision tree model is constructed using CART method with Gini Index and Pruning for cost complexity method. The depth of the tree is 5 and the overall accuracy reaches 81.6%. Compared with other decision tree model, CART tree gives a high accuracy level with relatively simple tree structure. These results could assist automobile companies to make appropriate customer segments and develop corresponding strategies, which could be further expanded to other customer-targeted fields.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230274

    Several Possible Causes of Credit Card Default

    Credit card default has always existed. In this case, understanding what causes credit card default has become a matter of concern for banks and the whole society. It is necessary to understand the reasons and reduce the risk of default. This paper explores the possible causes of credit card default by studying individual credit card limit, gender, education, marriage, repayment time, bill statement and consumption amount, and combining the comparison, regression, and factor analysis in SPSS. After analysis and research, the first four possible reasons are bill statement, repayment time, consumption amount and age. In this paper, the analysis of possible causes of credit card default can help banks better understand risks, improve risk control strategies and marketing strategies.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230275

    Research on the Monopoly Problem and Optimization Countermeasures of Internet Platform

    With the growth of the Internet industry, as the main body of the Internet industry - the Internet platform has also developed into an indispensable thing in people's life. However, the development and growth of the Internet have also led to the problem of monopoly in the Internet industry. Since the Internet industry has characteristics different from other traditional industries, such as network externalities, openness, high degree of data dependence, rapid technological upgrading, etc., it has become difficult for the government to supervise Internet monopoly. The Internet platform's dependence on data and information and its opacity has led to difficulties in government supervision. This paper studies the characteristics of monopoly in the Internet industry and synthesizes the cases of large Internet platforms in the real world, such as Alibaba, Taobao, and Twitter, as well as the research done by previous scholars, then provides relevant and effective suggestions on how to deal with this problem of internet platform monopoly.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230277

    Customer Choice Preference Analysis in Marketing Based on a Discrete Choice Model

    In the construction and development of modern society, it is a powerful measure for enterprises to obtain more economic and social benefits to accurately grasp the basic needs and choice preferences of different consumer groups. This paper mainly discusses the characteristics of the customer object and the influencing factors of the choice preference in marketing. The MNL model is used to analyze the influence of a single statistical factor on consumers' choice preferences. Taking liquid dairy products as an example, subdividing consumer groups provides an effective basis for the construction and operation of the liquid dairy supply chain. While analyzing the basic information of the respondents, the correlation between different personal consumption characteristics and brand, price, taste, promotion, and outer packaging is analyzed through the correlation analysis method. The analysis results show that age and education level have a negative impact on brand or food quality and safety, while income has a significant positive impact on brand or food quality and safety. There are significant differences in the selection of liquid dairy products among consumer groups with different education levels.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230278

    Sisyphe Bookstore Marketing Strategy Analysis and Optimization Based on the SWOT Model

    Sisyphe Bookstore has emerged as a new force today, breaking the dormant state of physical bookstores. As a dark horse in the marketing industry, Sisyphe Bookstore inevitably has its own advantages and disadvantages. Through Sisyphe Bookstore has emerged as a new force, breaking the flagging situation of physical bookstores. As a dark horse in the marketing industry, Sisyphe Bookstore inevitably has its own advantages and disadvantages. Through SWOT analysis, with the help of some literature, this paper analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats existing in the operation process of Sisyphe Bookstore. The result shows that Sisyphe Bookstore has advantages such as its healing slogan, diversity of products, uniqueness of store decoration, and proper location. What needs to be improved at present are the following: the staff who have not yet reached standard conditions; the high transport cost of books; the lack of innovation in cultural and creative products; the limited rights and interests of members; and the serious mismatch between customer flow and marketing volume. Based on the results, the author provides suggestions for its development in optimizing products, reducing pricing, training staff, broadening channels, and other aspects.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-09-13 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/21/20230279

    Analysis of BYD New Energy Vehicle Cost Management Strategy

    Under the new development concept and "dual carbon", in line with the concept of green and environmental protection, in order to achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality", the development direction of China's automobile industry has gradually shifted from traditional vehicles to new energy vehicles. The government has issued a series of new energy policy support to vigorously develop the new energy industry, and domestic new energy vehicles have quickly entered the world vision. This paper takes BYD's new energy vehicles as the research object. Through the research on the value chain analysis tools and its cost management, it finds that BYD has excessive vertical integration, insufficient research and development efforts, and cost management haven’t adapt to the economic environment. In view of the above problems, it comes to the conclusion that the supply chain should be optimized and improved, targeted research and development efforts should be increased, and cost management data should be improved.

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