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    Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Financial Technology and Business Analysis (ICFTBA 2022), Part 2

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    978-1-915371-23-2 (Print)

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    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia

    Canh Thien Dang, King's College London


  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220130

    Digital Platforms with the Ups and Downs in the Metaverse Era

    The arrival of the metaverse era, the birth and development of digital currency, and the creation and improvement of the blockchain platform. How does the cryptocurrency sector in the financial markets attract more and more investors? Is it a risk or an opportunity? Digital currency is the product of The Times, keeping pace with The Times is the trend of social development, and seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages is a necessary condition for operation. This paper through the definition of the metauniverse, the rise of the metauniverse era and unknown, cryptocurrency types, judgment and analysis, digital platform trading and loopholes, analyzes the cause of the virtual currency market instability, as a rational investor, under the premise of self-financing, should be in this field of what financial theory can be as profitable as much as possible. How does FSV stand out, how does it operate, and what is its potential? It also describes the Kepler market for the recent hacking attack and the reasons for the birth of blockchain.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220131

    Analysis of the Normalization of the Development of the Vendor Economy in the Post-epidemic Era

    Since the covid-19 outbreak, the development of the macro-economy has been blocked and the vendor economy has returned to people's vision. In the post epidemic era, how to eliminate the adverse effects of vendor economy through effective means to make it more standardized and further explore the relationship between urban culture and vendor economy will be the core content of the research report. Based on the public perspective, this research explores the public's recognition of relevant measures and the current situation of the combined development of vendor economy and urban culture by issuing online questionnaires, conducting field research on night markets and stalls in Jinan, Yantai and Weihai and consulting literature materials. Through various surveys, people believe that the government should take more targeted and detailed measures to regulate the vendor economy, and most people are optimistic that the combination of the vendor economy and urban culture will lead to a synergistic development.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220132

    Analysis of the "Prisoner's Dilemma" Model in the Application of Price-Matching Dilemma: Taking MeiTuan and Everything 30min as Example

    One of the most well-known examples of game theory and a significant element of economic theory is The Prisoner's Dilemma. The Prisoner's Dilemma is one of the best instances of the conventional non-zero-sum game in game theory, which demonstrates that the group does not always represent the best option for individuals. When major brands and companies are engaged in competition, the Prisoner's Dilemma model is used to examine strategic choices and price setting. Everything 30min and MeiTuan, the two major participants in the takeaway market, would be excellent instances for using the Prisoner's Dilemma model. This paper analyzed the two companies in a similar prisoner's dilemma in the price war, how MeiTuan is a newcomer to the industry is how to break the everything 30min monopoly and enter the market with its share of the market. Finally, this paper integrated the dynamics of the price-matching war between the two big competitors with the prisoner's dilemma to come up with three suggestions. Additionally, these three suggestions can further help them out of the prisoner's dilemma like the price-matching war.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220134

    Research on Firm Recruitment on Adverse Selection under the Game Theory Model

    In the era of global economic integration, economy and science and technology have in-creasingly become the decisive factors of international competition, and among them, enter-prises have increasingly become the main body of competition. Therefore, in recent years, major enterprises have increasingly improved the core competitiveness of their enterprises, and the research on human resources has become more and more in-depth. To maximize the benefits, in recent years, companies around the world have gradually realized the im-portance of high-level talent to their company's capabilities. However, due to various prob-lems, such as information asymmetry caused by adverse selection, it is increasingly difficult for companies to select real talents to contribute more to themselves. Through the estab-lishment of the game theory model, this paper discusses the benefits and losses for employ-ers and applicants and finds the best employment recruitment scheme. The research results show that the information asymmetry in the recruitment process will greatly reduce the effi-ciency of enterprises to find talents, and cause losses to both recruiters, so this paper puts forward relevant suggestions for the problem of information asymmetry to make up for the information asymmetry of the double-reverse, to promote the absorption of outstanding tal-ents by enterprises and drive the development of enterprises and economic recovery.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220140

    Development and Comparison of Regression Models Predicting Wine Quality using Excel - From a Profit Maximization Perspective

    Wine reviewers and the general public usually determine the quality of the wine. There is a great deal of subjec-tivity in such reviews and differences in the reviewers' preferences, making it difficult for the winery to obtain favorable information. This paper will use Excel to build a related model of chemical substances in wine and wine quality. Both linear and logistic regression is used in this article to predict wine quality. In addition, differ-ent from past literature that indicates the quality of red wine based on chemical substances, this paper creatively constructs a profit model based on predicting wine quality. It thus helps wine sellers to make model selections. All these can help producers understand how to make good wine and get higher profits.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220141

    Research on the Motivation and Influence of Musk's Acquisition of Twitter

    Since the beginning of 2020, the spread of COVID-19 around the world has caused the economy to suffer greatly. Many chain stores and private stores are affected by this. Studies have shown that as the economic environment becomes unstable, companies will gather together to seek the possibility of joint risk protection. This article is based on Elon Musk's announcement of the acquisition plan for Twitter on social media and studies the impact on Musk's management company and Twitter users if the acquisition is successfully implemented. Mainly through literature analysis and case analysis. The subjects of the study are Musk and Twitter, both parties to the merger. The source of data is mainly through public data of listed companies. As far as the research results are concerned, no matter whether the merger can be successfully completed or not, it has already brought a negative impact on the stock prices of both parties.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220143

    Research on the Effect of COVID-19 on the Real Economy

    In 2020, COVID-19 spread across the country, which had a huge impact on people's lives. In order to control the continued spread of the epidemic, the country has adopted a policy of production, suspension of work, and home quarantine, thus reducing the movement and contact of people. The emergence of COVID-19 has had a huge negative impact on China's current economy, especially the real economy. In this article, we will discuss the impact of the emergence of COVID-19 on China's real economy and how we should respond to it in order to promote social progress and support the country's economic development.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220144

    Empirical Study on China’s House Prices

    This study aims to empirically study house prices and their relationship with China's critical economic and financial metrics. The key metrics include interest rate, inflation rate, and stock index prices. This study shows that stock index prices do not significantly impact house prices in China. At the same time, long-term interest and inflation rates positively impact house prices in China.Additionally, short-term interest rate possesses a negative im-pact on house prices. This can shed light on policymakers in China when making economic decisions to influence house prices in China. On top of this, this study also compared house prices and real estate stock index prices and concluded that the two differ significantly.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220146

    Huawei's Corporate Strategy Based on SWOT Analysis

    Huawei is a Chinese multinational telecommunications and information technology conglomerate that was established in 1987 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen. HUAWEI initially focused on the production of cell phone switches, However, since that time, it has broadened its scope of operations to encompass the development of telecom networks, the provision of equipment to enterprises, as well as consulting and operational services. The corporation was expected to have employed around 194,000 workers by the end of 2019. There are currently roughly 170 nations throughout the world in which HUAWEI offers their products and services. The mission of the company is to ensure that every person and organization in the world is digitally connected in order to realize the full potential of the company's vision. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Huawei's corporate strategy are examined in this article using a SWOT analysis. This article offers advice for Huawei's long-term growth as well as pertinent theoretical insights for the same class of private communication firms while undertaking strategic analysis and strategy optimization. This study concludes that Huawei's current successes are indissolubly related to the appropriate positioning of its corporate strategy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220149

    Interaction between the Macroeconomic Environment and Oil Prices in the Context of COVID-19

    The study of its impact on the global macroeconomic environments and the world oil mar-ket since the COVID-19 outbreak and the relationship between the two will help people in the post-epidemic era to deepen their understanding of the current global economic situa-tion, to have a perception and thinking about the situation of The Times, and also help us to discuss and explore how to deal with the relevant situation. Thus, it can achieve better sur-vival and development under the severe world situation and the background of The Times.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220150

    How to Develop Online Marketing Channels in the Real Economy During the Epidemic of COVID -19

    Under the general environment of COVID-19, the global economy has been hit to varying degrees, which makes inflation more severe than before. Inflation has increased the cost of raw materials and labor, which has affected different industries to varying degrees. On the one hand, the price is rising, and on the other hand, the consumption level and consumption are declining due to COVID-19. This impact is more evident for some enterprises that pre-fer offline marketing models. Because of the effects of COVID-19, many enterprises that focus on offline marketing but ignore the diversification of marketing channels have further increased their losses or even gone bankrupt. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out market-ing reform in this case. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the COVID-19 environ-ment and successful transformation cases and uses the process tracking method in case stud-ies. By summarizing the methods used in successful cases and generalizing them, people can sort out plans suitable for most enterprises' transformation and provide some ideas for some companies that do not know how to transform.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220153

    Simple Review of Extrapolation Bias

    Extrapolation bias is a popular topic recently in economics and finance. Many researchers have become interested in this bias because it can explain many anomalies that a rational model cannot. This paper is a simple review of extrapolation bias, including its definition and bias. After reviewing past research on extrapolation, this paper selects a comprehensible definition, and three applications that can represent the recent research on extrapolation: the investor behavior model, the bubble model, and the house price model from three different top papers. After the review, it can be concluded that extrapolation bias has a wide applied range especially, in the financial market and asset pricing, and can explain many financial anomalies.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220154

    Research on the Marketing Strategy of Coca-Cola in China

    Coca-Cola is one of the most popular beverage brands in China, and a large part of its success can be attributed to the marketing approach that the company employs. The general population is the focus of the advertising and marketing campaign that Coca-Cola follows in an effort to increase both its brand recognition and brand loyalty. Therefore, this paper focuses on the marketing strategy of Coca-Cola in the Chinese market. It can be concluded that Coca-Cola's marketing strategy in China takes into consideration a wide variety of factors, including culture, demands, demographics, and age. It differentiates itself from its competitors by using unconventional public relations and advertising strategies. Coca-Cola is able to achieve the level of success it has always sought by implementing a marketing strategy in China that considers all aspects of the market, including price, promotion, advertising campaigns, product differentiation, and target audience.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220155

    House Price Prediction with Big Data

    Many of the current models for house price prediction focus on the house price index itself or include too few factors. In this research, however, different aspects of housing properties (bedrooms, bathrooms, grade, view, etc.) will be incorporated to generate a more accurate prediction model. Doing so not only remedies for a lack of variables in current models but also benefits the consumers by providing an accurate estimation of housing values. This paper examines the estimation methodology of a multiple linear regression model. To get the optimal prediction power and keep the model as simple as possible, different variable combinations will be tested. Through comparing different regression models and analyzing the regression results, the predictive model introduced in this paper has a high house price prediction power. This paper provides a potential solution for the prediction of the house price in the King County, Washington.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220158

    Research on the Operation Strategy of Fresh Food Industry under the Background of “New Retail” —— Take FRESHIPPO as an Example

    In recent years, the development of traditional retail and e-commerce has fallen into difficulties, and various factors have led to the emergence of new retail, which is a new balance mode of the previous two. This research is based on theory, with FRESHIPPO as the research object, its operation strategy is studied and analyzed, and through the research business model it encouraged, it promotes the new development of fresh goods sales. This paper mainly analyzes the operation strategy of FRESHIPPO through Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) and The Marketing Theory of 4Ps(4P theory). This paper finds that there is a lot of room for progress for the fresh industry in the new retail industry, the industry's digital management is not very perfect, and in cost saving, it can also have a great improvement.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220160

    The Analysis on the Factors of the Stock Yield

    The stock yield has been widely focused and concerned in the society. Some researcher found that the stock yield is influenced by different kind of economic or even political factors. However, the research in factors of stock yield is still blank in unified explanation. Therefore, the author is devoted in unifying and clarifying the relationship between stock yield and different factors. The method is described underneath: collect the data of different stocks (for example: SSE), using FF model, a common model based on triple-factor model, to analyze the data after the collection. After several trials and experiments, the answer to the research gradually emerged. Eventually, it is found that the stock yield is tightly connected with macro or micro factors, the volatility depends on even a single wave of a single factor. None of the factors could be ignored or gave up. Carefully watch the waves and changes of different probable factors is what the governments, the entrepreneurs, the investor or civilians have to do.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220161

    The Research of the Decline of Hong Kong Port: A comparison with Singapore Port

    Hong Kong port used to be the leading position in the world, but it has recently declined. The essay will find out the reason why Hong Kong port loses its leading position; the essay conducts an in-depth study of Hong Kong port and Singapore port: comparing the features and patterns of Singapore port and Hong Kong port; listing the data of Singapore port, Hong Kong port, Shenzhen port and Guangzhou port from 2004 to 2020; analyzing the de-velopment trend of these ports. The essay concludes with two reasons explaining the decline of Hong Kong port. One is that the user base of Hong Kong port is weak, and the other is that Hong Kong port has no geographical advantage over its competitors.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220162

    The Research of the Relationship between Unemployment, Digital Economy and Renewable Energy ——based on the Competition Model in China

    The revolution in information technology has produced a thriving digital economy. The dig-ital economy has spawned several new enterprises and altered the labor structure of human society. In tandem with the development of a sustainable economy, a corporate energy tran-sition has occurred. This is accompanied by a reorganization of employment. This article examines two Chinese provinces with fast-expanding digital economies. This article will examine the relationship between unemployment, the degree of the digital economy, and the generation of renewable energy through time. The results of the competitive modeling study based on differential equations for 2015–2020 indicate that the development of the digital economy has an effect on unemployment, whereas renewable energy may or may not have an effect on unemployment. And there is minimal interaction between the internet economy and the economy of renewable energy. There is no association between the growth of the digital economy and renewable energy sources.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220163

    Analysis of the Commercial Design and Marketing Strategy of Luckin Coffee

    The financial report data released by Luckin Coffee shows that Luckin Coffee's self-operated shops were revived at the end of 2021. In 2020, Luckin Coffee announced that the number of directly operated shops reached 4,507, surpassing Starbucks and becoming the largest coffee chain brand in China. As an emerging coffee brand in China and a pioneer of Internet coffee in China, Luckin Coffee's business design and marketing strategies have important and rich implications for the shaping and development of similar brands in China. In this paper, through the joint study of Luckin Coffee's commercial design and marketing strategies, it is concluded that the commercial design of Luckin Coffee is an important means of marketing promotion and the marketing strategy is one of the purposes of its commercial design. On the one side, Luckin Coffee’s commercial design brings convenience to its marketing; on the other side, its marketing strategies promote continuous innovation of commercial design. The two complement each other and together bring a positive contribution to the brand image and corporate interests.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220164

    The impact of investors’ attention on stock price

    From the perspective of investor attention to market stocks, this paper analyzes investors' visitor volume of certain stocks and sentiments of stock indexes. I compare the search vol-ume and stock prices of Apple and Tesla to specifically observe the relationship between stock prices and investor attention in individual companies. Then I examine the search vol-ume and index of SP500 and SSEC to explain the significant disparity in the impacts of in-vestor attention in different regions. It shows that increased attention is positively related to stock price volatility, i.e., positive emotional signals (negative emotional signals) will lead to higher (lower) stock prices.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220168

    Research on the Investment Value of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain fundamentally alters the digital world by introducing fresh ideas on efficiency, security, and safety. Data and system stability. Blockchain is a digital public ledger that is decentralized, unchangeable, and open to all stakeholders. Blockchain has many applications, including NFT, cryptocurrency, metaverse, Defi, etc. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that operates independently from the government or banks and is intended to be used as a medium of exchange across computer networks. This paper introduces blockchain technology, discusses whether there are bubbles inside the cryptocurrency, and gives investment advice based on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220169

    Analysing the Impact of Labour Force on the Economic Development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

    The Yangtze River Economic Belt is an inland river economic belt with global influence, a coordinated development belt featuring interaction and cooperation between the East, the West and the East of China. Labour force has an impact on the economic development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, but the contribution of labour force to the 11 provinces of the Yangtze River Economic Belt has different degrees of impact. The aim of this paper is to explain the difference of labour contribution to the economic development of 11 provinces. By using Cobb-Douglas production function and the data on the local economy and labour force, the paper gets these conclusions: First, except for the abundant and high-quality labour force in Shanghai, labour force has a relatively obvious promoting effect on other provinces. Second, in addition to the effect of labour force on the economy of Hubei Province is not so great, the promoting effect of other provinces is similar and great. Third, the influence of regional factors on the impact of labour on the economy is not obvious.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220172

    The Application Of DCF Model in the Enterprise Value Assessment:A Case Study of Tesla, Inc

    With the rapid development of today's society and economy, more and more public investors are not satisfied with bank financial products, which have lower value-added, but turn their attention to the capital market. The quantitative technique of DCF model combined with qualitative analysis to assess the intrinsic value of enterprises provides an effective reference for public investors. Tesla, a company that produces new energy vehicles, has shown rapid growth in recent years and is suitable for valuation using DCF models. This paper predicts the growth rate of Tesla's operating income in the next five years based on its historical financial data, and uses the percentage of sales method combined with qualitative analysis to calculate the present value of the enterprise's free cash flow in the next five years, and also calculates the present value of the enterprise's future perpetuity based on the assumption of the enterprise's going concern, and the two are added together to obtain the intrinsic value of Tesla Inc. as $5160.95 billion. The total market value of Tesla Inc. on November 22, 2022 (valuation point in time) is $5365.34 billion (data source: The intrinsic value of the enterprise is lower than the market price, and investors are advised not to buy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220173

    Research on Sports Brands’ Integrated Communication Marketing Strategy in the Age of New Media: A Case Study of Lululemon

    This paper focuses on the application of intergrated marketing communication in sports brands. And take Luluemon as an example to investigate the marketing stragtegy. With the development of the consumers' consumption behavior, sports brands need to change their marketing concepts and innovate their marketing thinking. By prioritizing consumers, integrating various communication channels as well as setting new guidelines for different marketing, Lululemon has already achieved success in marketing by implementing integrated marketing communication. Also, the application of Internet media technology and thinking is essential to establish brand image, transmit brand connotation, and enhance the influence of the brand. This paper provides an important reference for sports brands to implement integrated marketing communication in the new media era.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220178

    Research on Louis Vuitton's Marketing Based on 4P Theory

    The luxury goods market has matured in developed countries, but is only beginning to emerge in developing countries. Developing countries are rich in emerging markets. However, in Africa, South Asia, and other countries, due to factors such as political instability and the COVID-19, the development prospects of emerging markets are still unclear. In contrast, China's luxury emerging markets are relatively stable. With its increasing population and per capita disposable income, China has become the second largest market for luxury consumption after the United States. While China is having a huge impact on the luxury market, local luxury goods are also gradually developing. This paper will research Louis Vuitton's marketing strategy based on the 4P theory, and make suggestions for Chinese local luxury goods companies. Louis Vuitton in China has excellent product quality, clear consumer target groups and pricing, a far-sighted geographical location and effective promotion methods. Louis Vuitton used product strategy, price strategy, positioning strategy and promotion strategy respectively. Local luxury goods producers should copy their marketing methods and improve their areas of expertise and price strategies to gain initial development in the market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220194

    Semiconductor Industry Corporate Analysis

    The research target is to better understand the model and market for the semiconductor industry, in order to improve the efficiency and maximize the return of the investment and career development strategy. From the objective point of view, this research first introduces the technical knowledge and application of semiconductor electronics which lead to the importance of semiconductor research and production. It then states the current situation and challenge of the semiconductor industry, referring to several examples and convincing data to emphasize the theme. After that, it provides several approaches and strategies to analyze the investment in semiconductor industry to come with industry investment suggestions. The industry was overall a valuable opportunity for investors and technology scholars which could also promote human civilization.The main goal of this research paper is to provide a brief and general understansing of semiconductor business model and investment strategy for non-professional.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220195

    Business Analysis for Soundhound Based on Financial Study and SWOT Model

    Soundhound's stock price has continued to decline for nearly a year, not only due to the se-verity of the epidemic but also due to the slowdown in the global economy. In such chal-lenging times, a business analysis of the business is especially important to help the business transform and grow. This article is based on a financial research report and specific invest-ment recommendations for SoundHound, a startup company. The article starts with a basic introduction of SoundHound, the research methods used are mainly the analysis of financial statements and the SWOT model, and ends with a summary of the company and a profes-sional investment recommendation. In SWOT analysis, the article finds that There is only a particularly little number of bad feedback and most of the reviews give 5 stars, even 3 and 4 stars are particularly rare. SoundHound is a music recognition service aimed at more music lovers. The paper also gives some suggestions for the firm’s future developent.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220198

    Research on the Stock Investment Value of Hong Kong Stock Connect based on Factor Analysis

    Based on the Hong Kong Stock Connect, this paper introduces a stock investment pricing method based on factor analysis, and combines it with portfolio model. A statistical method known as factor analysis is used to separate common factors from collections of data. British psychologist Spearman was the one who initially put out the idea. He modified and enhanced the portfolio model after discovering a particular link between several probable common elements., so as to form a complete set of methods for establishing stock alternative asset allocation. This paper will first introduce a method to evaluate and compare the business performance of listed companies in the industry, and apply it to the analysis data. Finally got the investment plan. In order to explain and demonstrate the methods and models discussed in this paper, this paper will take the Hong Kong Stock Connect listed companies as an example, and analyse and summarize the results. This paper will have certain reference value for investors, and promote the theoretical research of related issues more in-depth.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220202

    The Practical Use of Financial Modelling in Import and Export Trade

    In the context of COVID-19 normalization, studying the factors influencing the import and export volume of a country can provide relevant suggestions for the economic recovery and growth of that country. In this paper, by selecting China's import and export trade data for the past 32 years, GDP, USD-RMB exchange rate, FDI, and foreign exchange reserves are selected to study the factors affecting foreign trade through a dynamic regression model. The conclusions drawn are shown below. When there is a macroeconomic recession, both China's imports and exports will decrease accordingly. When China's RMB depreciates, China's imports will decrease and exports will increase. Overall, China's total trade still increases. FDI has a pulling effect on both China's imports and exports. China's foreign exchange reserves have a stabilizing effect on China's import and export trade.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220205

    An Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Chinese People's Consumption Demand under the Double Cycle Pattern

    In May 2020, China launched the "double cycle" development strategy to improve the domestic demand structure and the quality of national consumption. Compared with other countries, China's national consumption rate is low and still has great potential for making further progress. Therefore, this paper used sample data from 31 provinces in China from 2016 to 2020 for empirical analysis. Divide national consumption into two categories: survival-oriented and development-oriented, and concentrate on the study of the major influencing factors of national consumption demand. Finally, propose corresponding countermeasures to promote the further development of China's consumer market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220207

    Human-Computer Interaction Applied in Rental Market

    The development of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) provides opportunities and chal-lenges for humans. The growing uses of HCI are applied in broad industries, such as the technology industry, medical industry, and commerce industry, etc. This article indicates the importance of HCI in the commerce industry by comparing two rental apps and how these HCI principles can be applied to serve users better.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220208

    Response of Bank Profitability to Bank Size and Macroeconomic Indicators for Chinese and Pakistani listed Banking Companies

    The main goal of this research work is to find the impact of bank size and macroeconomic variables on profitability (ROA) of Chinese and Pakistani listed banks. Therefore, the stable banking sector is very crucial for the financial system. Economic theory uncovered the control of the large and established banks in the native marketplace. It’s operated in different atmosphere at higher rate of lending, but larger institutions give low rates on deposit as they are thought safer. This research work identified that bank size affects the profitability of Pakistani and Chinese banks by using longitudinal data from 2009 to 2018. We employed Ordinary Least Square (OLS) technique with E-View statistical software to analyze the association among the size of bank and profitability of Pakistani and Chinese listed banks. The empirical analysis defines the case of Pakistani and Chinese listed banks; the size of the bank has significantly but negatively associated with the bank’s profitability. Findings revealed that the economy of scale is necessary for Pakistani and Chinese listed bank’s profitability. The macro-economic factors, GDP, inflation, and exchange rate have all strong associations with Pakistani and Chinese listed bank’s profitability and efficiency.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220209

    Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Economic Growth, Financial Development, and Investment — Evidence from the ASEAN Region

    By using the ASEAN region as a case study, the research attempts to examine how climate change has an impact on financial development, foreign direct investment, and economic growth. ASEAN region is considered among the highest growing region across the world hence this study assesses the climate change consequences by taking into consideration the growth of region. This study conducted an empirical test using regression and focuses on the five nations with the greatest economies in the ASEAN region. These countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and they cover the years 2000–2022. The study collects data from the World Bank. This study used five independent variables while taking one climate change variable (CO2 emission) as independent variable. This study used the data in the panel format and after reviewing multiple literature the hypothesis could be tested. The result states that climate change has had a mixed impact on economic growth, performance, and investment.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220210

    Research on Digital Transformation of Human Resources in Enterprise Management

    Affected by COVID-19 and political factors, enterprises around the world are facing many problems, such as an unstable market environment, stagnant productivity growth, and overcapacity. At the same time, the development and innovation of digital technology indicate the inevitability of digital transformation and point out a new direction for the development of enterprises. This paper studies the digital transformation of human resources in enterprise management. It is found that digitalization still has a lot of room for progress in human resources. During the implementation, the digitalization of human resources still faces many difficulties, such as the lack of strategic planning, the lack of systematic training of digital skills, the failure to cultivate relevant talents, and the failure to combine performance with digitalization. As a result, the scope of transformation is narrow, the efficiency of transformation is low, and the goal of transformation cannot be achieved. This requires the digitization and modernization of the basic elements of human resources, the digitization of talent ability, and the data visualization of the performance management system. Only in this way can digital technology be used to continuously empower the enterprise's human resource management, which is conducive to the enterprise's sustainable competitiveness and thus improve the enterprise's economic benefits.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220211

    Risk Analysis and Countermeasures for Wearable Mobile Medical Devices

    With people’s attention to health, wearable mobile medical devices have gradually entered people's vision in recent years. With its convenient and fast functions, it is expected to im-prove the current medical environment. A wearable mobile health device is a portable de-vice that is worn directly on the body or integrated into the user's clothing or accessories. Wearable devices are not only hardware devices but also perform powerful functions through software support, data interaction, and cloud interaction. Wearable devices will bring great changes to our lives and perceptions. This chapter will explain the technology, development, device form, market performance, and other aspects of wearable devices.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220212

    The Path of Alibaba’s IPO

    With the development and growth of enterprises, listing always provides leapfrog development for them. Almost all of the world’s well-known large enterprises have realized they could expand the size and quickly cross into the ranks of large enterprises through listing and financing. However, as one of the largest internet companies in China, Alibaba’s journey to list is quite different than others. This paper focuses on the analysis of Alibaba’s listing by using a combination of literature research, descriptive method and comparative analysis. This is demonstrated by first describing Alibaba’s listing experience in chronological order; then analyzing the reasons and impacts of its listing from three aspects: social, economic, and global development; and finally, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Alibaba’s listing locations, Hong Kong and New York. So far, Alibaba has gone through three listings in two places and the impact of each one has been significant to the local market or to the main industry. When Alibaba went public in the U.S. in 2014, that was a primary listing, and then in November 2019, Alibaba went public again in Hong Kong, which is called a secondary listing. Now Alibaba is considering a dual primary listing in Hong Kong while maintaining its U.S. listing, so that they can not be affected by each other. The both sides of the stock price are independent, if one is delisted, it does not affect the other.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220133

    Using Game Theory to Analyze the Carbon Quota Mechanism of China in New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

    In China, with the promotion of sustainable development strategy, controlling carbon emissions of manufacturing industry and promoting energy transition have become important issues. Excessive carbon has contributed to climate warming and increased the cost of environmental governance. This paper will use the approach of evolutionary game to determine the conditions to reach the optimal equilibrium point by studying the decision-making behaviors and benefits of the three main participants: government, enterprises and consumers. And this article also analyzes the efficiency of carbon quota mechanism promoting enterprise transformation. This paper finds that the introduction of carbon quota mechanism can more effectively promote the automobile manufacturing industry to invest in the research and development and production of new energy vehicles. Moreover, according to the results, this essay gives some useful advice that it is necessary to continuously improve the carbon quota mechanism and carbon trading market system and pricing of carbon quota. It is effective to promote enterprise transformation through the market elimination mechanism.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220136

    The Effect of D&O Insurance on Company Values in the Chinese Stock Market

    D&O insurance is considered an important risk management tool in protecting the interest of minor directors and investors of listed companies. Over the past years, D&O insurance has been studied various times. Two major hypotheses about its actual effect on company values are the encouragement hypothesis and opportunism hypothesis. Our study was based on the revision of the Chinese Security Law in 2019, and through the empirical analysis, we confirmed that the effect of D&O insurance on company values is positive. Further study revealed that this effect on high-risk level corporate is more significant. These findings provided empirical evidence on the importance of D&O insurance in Chinese stock market, and showed the need for further studying and popularization.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220137

    Marketing Strategy Analysis for Mobile Phone Brands Based on The Marketing Mix

    Based on the 4p model, this paper analyzes the marketing strategies of mobile phone enterprises by taking Xiaomi and Apple as examples. The results show that Xiaomi mainly uses low - and medium-end mobile phones, closely connect with users through the network, and maintains its market share through its high-cost performance and high user stickiness. Apple, which focuses on high-end phones, provides users with high-quality services and high positioning to attract high-income groups to buy its products, which can serve as a reference for the marketing strategies of different mobile phone brands.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220138

    Stock Price Prediction with Traditional Statistics and Machine Learning

    Stock forecasting is a very difficult and challenging task. There are so many subjective factors that are difficult to quantify and it is almost impossible to take all of them into consideration. The stock market changes so fast that forecasting models need to have forecast results in a relatively short period of time. For ordinary investors, it is necessary to predict relatively accurate results with less data. This paper compares the traditional statistical model with the machine learning forecasting models, linear regression, Backpropagation neural networks, time series ARIMA and LSTM. After predicting and comparing the four stocks with significantly different changes, it is found that the models with better prediction effects are different in different situations. In view of the fact that the neural network method requires a larger amount of data as a training set and needs to be retrained each time, so linear regression may be more suitable for ordinary investors.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220145

    Impact of Project Management Strategies and Project Complexity on Project Success

    This article aims to investigate how project management affects project fulfillment. Connecting skills to the project environment is key to project management skills. The abilities of project managers to lead successful activities have been examined in numerous studies. The project manager wants to hold on to rigid skills that can be applied to the project's circumstances. The relationship between the project supervisor and the project group, which encourages experimentation and learning, affects how strong their skills are. A thorough literature study reveals the lack of agreement on project complexity as a moderator between project success and project management skills, which also offers a comprehensive overview and critical analysis of the underlying ideas. This investigation's main goal moved to determine project success outcomes by considering project complexity as a moderator between project management skills and project success. To do so, this analysis looks at accumulated data on the complexity of and problem management abilities. The statistics were gathered through online surveys, and the results were examined using logistic regression models. How well project management understanding predicts project fulfillment, the original research question, has been answered. The findings demonstrate that combining project management abilities with problem complexity can help anticipate project success, which was to be expected. There was no statistically significant association between effective project management and unsuccessful projects.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220148

    Food Traceability in Agriculture Value Chain: Evidence from Pakistani Mango Growers

    Several incidents, including food adulteration, misinterpretation of food characteristics, and, most recently, the spread of the Covid-19 disease, have stunned consumer confidence and bolstered the need for creating traceability in the Food Supply Chain. This study aims to assess the knowledge level of mango growers’ food traceability and assess factors influencing their intention toward a scientific traceable value chain in Multan, Pakistan. The study also examines the perceived challenges in implementing a traceable value chain in the mango industry. However, 40 mango growers were purposively selected. Data were collected through interview schedules using structured and unstructured questionnaires. The empirical results show that respondents had a low level of knowledge regarding the mango traceable value chain. Also, the results from multiple regression analysis revealed that knowledge and attitude have a statistically significant positive impact on growers' intention toward the mango traceable value chain. However, the study highlighted a lack of awareness, skills, and resources as challenges preventing growers from implementing a scientifically traceable mango value chain. The findings provide valuable inputs for policymakers to design an effective training program to develop the culture of traceability practices among mango growers and other stakeholders in the industry in Pakistan.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220151

    Portfolio Designed Based on Markowitz Model in Terms of Wine Industry of China

    Contemporarily, China's Wine industry has a special social status because of the prevalence of the culture of drinking. Since the 21st century, the Wine industry has flourished, and the stock price has risen sharply, which makes it become the favorite object of plenty of investors. Facing the unexpected COVID-19, the Wine industry recovered and maintained a rising trend immediately after a short blow, showing its strong risk resistance. In order to find the best investment strategy for Wine industry, this paper applies the financial analysis method to screen out stocks worth investing and the Markowitz modelto determine the optimal portfolio as a reference for investors with quantitative analysis. To be specific, several typical stocks in the industry are chosen and the effective frontier is obtained. According to the models, the performances of the optimal case are illustrated and demonstrated. These results shed light on guiding further exploration of Wine industry and other similar industries.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220152

    New Development in the Belt and Road Initiative: A Case Study of Cooperation Between China and Hungary

    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is one of the key topics of current research. Since the BRI was put forward in 2013, the number of research projects and achievements of the BRI has increased, the quality of research has improved, and the depth and breadth of research has increased. However, most of the research focus on macro studies, such as conceptual interpretation of the BRI, and less on micro studies, especially country studies, such as the study of the BRI in Hungary, where there is still a research gap. Therefore, the paper adopts the method of case analysis and data comparison to explore the new developments of China-Hungary exchange and cooperation by collecting data on the economic, cultural and policy achievements of China and Hungary nowadays. It also further examines the significance of the BRI and proposes several suggestions for its further high-quality development. The paper finds that there are many achievements in the construction of BRI. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China-Hungary economic and trade cooperation has still maintained a growing trend, cultural and educational exchanges have been continuously deepened, and both governments have adopted positive policies and attitudes. The Belt and Road Initiative has had a profound impact on China, Hungary, and the world. For further high-quality development, it is recommended to focus on the digital economy, the green economy, and the construction of pivot cities.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220165

    What Cause RV Insurance? ——A Case Study on TIC Company

    With the vigorous development of digital technology, more and more enterprises realize the importance of digital transformation. Data has also become one of the enterprise assets. Through modern information technology, enterprises have improved their ability to collect and integrate data. Then the comprehensive data information is analyzed to contribute to business forecasting and enterprise management. This paper takes the customer data from the TIC insurance company as an example. It uses statistical analysis methods to mine the data, such as descriptive statistics, the Pearson chi-square test, the nonparametric test, K-means clustering, and binary logistic regression prediction. Analyze and forecast customers who may purchase RV insurance.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220167

    Effect of Green Credit Policy on PM 2.5 in China Based on Panel Regression Model

    With China’s fast economic and urban development, the problem of PM 2.5 has become increasingly apparent. Although China has announced the Green Credit Policy that aims to mitigate the air pollution problems, the effect of this policy is controversial. The data used in this paper contain measurements of PM 2.5 Level and other factors that can affect the PM 2.5 concentration in different areas of China from 2008 to 2018. By analyzing the data using Panel Regression Model, this paper will show the effect of Green Credit Policy on PM 2.5 and the differ-ences between its effects on the whole region, eastern, central and western region. It will also demonstrate how does green credit policy affect PM 2.5. The results illustrate that even though Green Credit Policy can reduce the concentration of PM 2.5 in general, the mitigation effect is not significant in eastern and central ar-eas. It also shows that the policy lowers PM 2.5 concentration by promoting technological progress and improving production efficiency. Moreover, urbaniza-tion and economic development play an important role in reducing the PM 2.5 level in all regions. High openness only affects PM 2.5 level in the western re-gions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220170

    Research on the Influencing Factors of Stock Returns

    In consideration of the development of Chinese stock market, it is important to find out the factors that affect stock return. China A-share market is an immature capital market and difficult to change the nature of enclosure of money while foreign stock markets were established earlier and developed more mature. They have made fruitful achievements in the study of the causes of stock price fluctuations. At the same time, there are many successful experiences in guiding investment practice with investment analysis theory. Surveys shows that the average return of Chinese investors is negative. So, this is helpful for investors to have a better understanding of stock market. And it provides information which may reveal several problems of stock market at this stage. This paper mainly focuses on the influencing factors of stock return in Chinese stock market, using the most realistic data to try to figure out the relationship. The data of 282525 stocks which are from November 2020 to November 2022 to achieve multiple linear regression, and the result shows that PE (price-to-earnings ratio), PB (price-to-book ratio) and turnover are negatively correlated with stock return. Among them, turnover has the greatest influence on stock return, followed by PB and PE. Other two factors which are circulated market value and amount have little influence on stock market, so they can be ignored.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220171

    The Influence of Force Majeure of Non-government Factors on People's Willingness to Insurance in China

    Except for investors, people usually regard insurance as a tool to transfer unknown risks. We believe that insurance can minimise financial losses when a risk occurs and reduce people's fears when disaster strikes. Therefore, some scholars put forward the hypothesis that people's willingness to buy insurance is related to some force majeure. From the perspective of behavioral finance, this paper selects indicators such as the rate of return of insurance stocks and insurance search index as proxy variables for insurance willingness. It also selects natural disasters and epidemics as proxy variables for force majeure other than government actions (referred to as force majeure in the text). Regression analysis was carried out on the above variables, and it was concluded that force majeure other than government actions was positively correlated with people's willingness to purchase insurance.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220174

    Is Digital Transformation Vital for Business in Thailand 4.0 Era: An Exploratory Study

    Purpose: Digital Transformation has gradually become a significant phenomenon in boosting the economies of many developing countries as well as a trend of businesses in the 21st-century in various aspects. This study explores the importance of pursuing digital transformation for businesses under Thailand 4.0 economic model toward innovation and creativity. Methodology: Using qualitative approach, this study explores the role of digital transformation under Thailand 4.0 era, and the strategies that businesses should pursue for implementing digital transformation. Findings: The findings identify Management/ Executive’s vision, Business Resources, and Business Competencies as the three key factors required for the successful implementation of digital transformation in businesses. Practical implications: There is a need to fully align the perceptions of practitioners who have expertise on different digital technologies for digital business transformation or digital enterprise solutions in Thailand. Originality: The findings provide useful insights on key factors, strategies, and the common practice associated with the adoption and successful implementation of digital transformation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220175

    Equity Research of Tesla’s Company

    The primary purpose of this research is to conduct an equity research for Tesla Inc and to check whether the stock is recommended for investment. Tesla Inc. has been one of the most profitable automobile companies in the world. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used for the analysis of Tesla Inc. The qualitative way would be to analyze the company’s position in the industry, for instance, the prospect of the electric vehicle industry. The quantitative way would be to analyze the financial metric using the financial statements of Tesla Inc. and also calculate the beta value which is the risk value of the company and finally give a valuation to the company’s cost of equity by using CAPM. The data used for financial statement would be collected from Yahoo Finance. The beta value would be calculated using Excel. The report has shown that Tesla has good financial performance and a potential for high returns because it has a beta value greater than 1. At the end of the paper, limitations of CAPM have been discussed and a comparison between CAPM and APT has been listed. In conclusion, APT seems to be a better model than CAPM.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220176

    How Customers Loyalty Response to Service Quality, Bank Image and Religious Satisfaction?: An Evidence from Islamic Banking

    Islamic banking offers services and goods in accordance with sharia (Islamic law), which rigorously forbids other unethical behaviours like gambling and speculation. Customer loyalty is assurance of customer that he will make repeat purchase of product or service in near future. The study impact of service quality, bank image and religious satisfaction on customer loyalty has some considerations in past. The objective of the present study is to find the impact of service quality, bank image and religious satisfaction on the loyalty of Islamic banking customers. Customer satisfaction was used as a mediator. The study uses a convenient sampling technique is applied for sample selection in this study. Data was gathered from 200 respondents which were customers of different Islamic banks located in Jhang, Faisalabad and Karachi. SPSS and Smart PLS were used for the analysis of data. The findings of the study reveal that service quality has a positive effect on customer loyalty. Bank image does not have a positive impact on loyalty of customer. Religious satisfaction has positive impact on loyalty of customer. Customer satisfaction mediates the relation of service quality, religious satisfaction with customer loyalty but doesn’t mediate the relation of bank image and customer loyalty. The study will provide direction for Islamic banks to promote Islamic banking in order to foster its growth which will results in increase in customers.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220177

    Rsesearch on Plant-Based Food Market Implications and Opportunities

    Believing that PBMA (Plant-Based Meat Alternatives) can bring benefits to both the quality of life and subject well-being, people resort to veganism/ vegetarianism for sociological and economic reasons. The trending of veganism/ vegetarianism brings huge potentials to the US market. Plant-based product market has been increased annually since 2018 and reached $7.4 billions in 2021. Vegetarianism/ veganism takes up a big share of the food market and it has numerous market opportunities since there’s a great need for meat alternatives. In this research paper, the market value of PBMA market, market opportunities and competitive marketing strategies will be investigated, and market opportunities and competitive marketing strategies. First, the demographics of vegans and what markets need will be presented and the analysis will focus on both the demographics and psychographics of vegans/vegetarians to further look into their motivations, needs, and values. Furthermore, the articles will look at the effects of veganism and vegetarianism in the US market and how plant-based alternatives have changed the game, allowing companies to deal with the rising trend of veganism and vegetarianism in the US and profit from it. Finally, the fact that PBMA market is lack of diversified and tasty PBMA food will be an alluring reason for entrepreneurs to initiate competitive marketing strategies for food service industries. This research will be useful in understanding the PBMA market and the potential market opportunities it offers.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220180

    Sino U.S. Trade War: Settling the US-China Trade War from the Perspective of International Organization and Regulation

    In this intensifying Sino U.S. trade war, only a sound multilateral trading system can promote the economic development of countries in the context of globalization. In addition to avoiding deeper and broader political confrontation, China and the U.S., which will inevitably have various frictions and disputes in the future, should use international law and international rules to deal with complex international trade disputes. Beyond that, recourse to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism is a key step in resolving the Sino U.S. trade dispute, which requires that we first get the Appellate Body back up and running. Given the lengthy nature of the reform, changes to the consensus rule around the U.S. first should be an alternate solution to reinstate the Appellate Body in the short term.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220181

    Analysis of the Impact of Interest Rate Derivatives on the Market Risk of Commercial Banks in China

    With the development of China's financial derivatives market, China needs to pay more attention to the management of interest rate risk, and commercial banks should avoid interest rate risk typically through the role of derivatives. China's financial markets have been opened up to the rest of the world, and many international factors are influencing the changes in our financial markets. This paper focuses on the function of interest rate derivatives and their impact on commercial banks in China. This is an important step for commercial banks in China to take in order to reform and improve themselves. Using interest rate derivatives to enable banks to reduce their operational risks and to ensure the safety of China's financial system is the goal of this paper. According to the findings of the research, the adoption of interest rate derivatives can help commercial banks decrease their exposure to market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220182

    Analysis of Influencing Factors of Stock Return Rate in China

    In recent years, the decline of China's stock market prices, as reflected in the decline of the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Composite Index in the late 2020s, has led to an economic downturn in China. The article analysis the statistics from 2016 to 2021 and introduces the possible reasons and political background and the reasons why these factors lead to the share value. Through the method of linear regression, the possible factors were simulated on the statistical system SPSS, and a more reliable data conclusion was obtained. To analyze the causes of the economic downturn by factoring the relationship between the consumer consumption index, per capita GDP growth, Gini coefficient, the Exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar, and the Shenzhen Index. In addition, it focuses on the impact of real-life factors on the stock market, focusing on the relationship between fixed asset investment, Hong Kong factors, the economic cycle, and the stock market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220183

    The Exploration of the Reasons for Alibaba to List on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2014

    Alibaba made an important announcement on August 8 in 2022, showing that its requirement about applying to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for a dual primary listing in Hong Kong and New York had been confirmed and approved by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Unquestionably it’s such a crucial action that was done by Alibaba to expand its market and finance further after its first controversial large-scale Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2014. The listing process of Alibaba created a sensation in the world that gave rise to the discussion about the reasons and effects of this decision for the company itself and the IPO market in China in recent years. The current study summarized the previous professional articles on these discussions to explore the key reasons for Alibaba to choose to list on the NYSE and the changes in the thoughts of this decision due to the changing times. Although this decision let Alibaba slip into a more competitive global business environment and resulted in the query for its unique governance structure, listing on the NYSE was still more beneficial for Alibaba at that time. The proper unprecedented determination brought greater growth opportunities for Alibaba and provided guidance for future companies. With the development of the times and policy reform in China, the methods of Initial Public Offerings in the companies certainly tend to be more varied and exoteric that need to be innovated and dialectically treated.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220185

    Internal Factors Influencing Vulnerability to Telecom Fraud

    With the popularity of the Internet and electronic devices, the rate of telecommunication fraud is getting higher and higher. Most of the current research focuses on the prediction of telecom fraud through machine learning. This study, on the other hand, focuses on the people who have been defrauded and finds out how people's internal factors —"cognitive flexibility", "critical thinking", "material desires" and social attributes influence "vulnerability to Telecom Fraud", trying to find out which mental characteristics make people more vulnerable to telecom fraud. This study uses SPSS 25.0 software for data analysis and draws results and conclusions through the methods of questionnaire survey and hypothesis testing. It discovers both cognitive flexibility and critical thinking are negatively correlated with vulnerability to telecom fraud, meaning that people with more cognitive flexibility and critical thinking were less likely to be telecom scammed. It also finds that people with higher disposable income are also more vulnerable to wire scams. Finally, this study discusses the discovered insights and put forward constructive suggestions for scholars and related departments.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220186

    Analyze the influence of various factors on personal loans

    With the rapid development of economy, people's consumption level is also increasing, and personal loans are also generated. There are many factors that affect personal loans. In this paper, we conduct comparative analysis on the discrete variables that affect personal loans, factor analysis on the extracted factors, t-test on the continuous variables, and ANOVA test on some discrete variables. It is concluded that the influence of age, experience, income and other factors on personal loans is significant, and it is inferred that personal loans are mainly caused by personal consumption. This will be of great help in studying the trends of the economy in the future.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220187

    How can small companies have sustainable growth in the market--learning from Coca-Cola and Pepsi

    This paper focuses on the development of small companies from an economic perspective by using examples from Coca-Cola and Pepsi. To explain the strategies adopted by Coca-Cola and Pepsi, game theory has been used. Several processes contribute to different outcomes. This paper will demonstrate how other market structures influence supply and demand differently. As a result of the unpredictable variables in the market, determining a price becomes a reactively complex process.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220188

    A Study on the Adaptability of Starbucks’ Organizational Management about Chinese Operation

    The transnational catering industry is facing a significant challenge. To improve the quality of their services and their competitiveness, it is now of the utmost importance for transnational organizations to consider how to increase the leadership effectiveness by implementing the theory of organizational behavior. In this article, Starbucks serves as a case study to analyze such issues present in the transnational catering industry. The Starbucks globalization process, and the sinicization process, in particular, present a number of opportunities and threats that would be analyzed using the SWOT framework. In addition, this study would explore how Starbucks’ issues in China can be resolved using organizational behavior theory and four strategies, including “strengthening corporate culture”, “building a learning team”, “implementing incentive mechanism”, “identifying individual differences among employees”. In conclusion, the findings of this study can be illuminating for business leaders and transnational corporations develop more effective organizational models appropriate to the context and conditions of the modern business world.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220189

    The Adaptability of Costa Coffee’s Organisational Management in Its Sinicization Operation

    The research aims to understand the difficulties that Costa Coffee is facing during its development in China. Key research findings indicate that marketing strategy, low brand awareness and high turnover are the main issues for Costa Coffee. Furthermore, Costa Coffee’s current challenges could result in financial losses, failed market share acquisition, and eventual failure to grow in the Chinese market. Hence, it is critical to address the issues raised in this study related to Costa Coffee. This research demonstrates two suggestions based on organizational behavior theory related to solve the existing issues. With the help of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, Costa Coffee’s current challenges in the Chinese market can be effectively solved.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220191

    Fed’s Monetary Policy and Dynamic Changes in Stock Prices of Large Supermarket Chain

    The U.S. is experiencing the highest inflation in 40 years, and prices have been rising. The Fed adjusts this rate to achieve one goal - to maintain maximum employment and price stability in the United States. But the Fed's sharp rate hikes also raise the risk of a sharp slowdown, especially as new challenges emerge, such as Russia's war with Ukraine and China's capacity problems due to Covid lockdowns. This article assesses the impact of Fed rate hikes on the supermarket stock market. This paper builds a VAR model and an ARMA-GARCH model to analyze changes in stock prices from the perspective of value and volatility. This paper finds that Fed rate hikes unsurprisingly negatively impacted stock returns and increased their volatility, leaving stock prices in an unpredictable situation. The research paper can give the Fed a reference data. When the Fed decides to raise interest rates, it needs to consider the current world economic situation. For example, flu and war will affect the world economy, and will also have some impact when the Fed raises interest rates.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220192

    Analysis of the Development Strategy of SMIC

    As the most advanced and largest chip foundry in mainland China, SMIC’s development strategy is of great research value and reference significance. This paper first gives a brief introduction of SMIC, including the company's development history and the current problems and challenges it faces. Then, it analyzes the strategic environment of SMIC and analyzes its external environment (PEST analysis) in terms of political, economic, policy and technological environment. Next, SMIC’s internal resources and capabilities were analyzed in terms of finance, human resources, technology and R&D capabilities, production capacity, and customer and market resources. Finally, a SWOT analysis was conducted based on the above, and strategic recommendations were made by summarizing SMIC’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. SMIC’s current scale of development and operations are good, so it should plan more for future growth. The political, economic and social environment in mainland China has created positive support for SMIC’s development. SMIC should take this opportunity to secure its current market share while striving for more mainland markets, seeking external cooperation and, most importantly, making technological breakthroughs as soon as possible to catch up with the industry leaders.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220193

    The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on China's Catering Industry

    The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world, exerting a huge impact on the economic development and social order of all countries in the world. In order to understand the impact of COVID-19 on China's economy, the author will take the data of China's catering industry in eight specific months from the first quarter of 2022 to the second quarter of 2022 as the main sample to analyze the specific impact of COVID-19 on a single industry and pave the way for other studies to summarize the impact of the macro economy under the epidemic. In many cases, the economic problems of the catering industry also reflect the current situation of the individual economy in the whole market economy, which is particularly worthy of our research and thinking. In particular, the economic development of countries in the post-epidemic era is also an issue that cannot be ignored. Especially in developing countries like China, it is particularly important to maintain the balance between epidemic control and economic development. It is for this reason that the author thinks it is necessary to carry out some exploration and research in this aspect, and so as to lay a foundation and provide direction for the deeper research, so as to provide the adaptability and preparation that the catering industry needs to make in the face of the normalized epidemic, so that the market can find a way to bring benefits to society and the industry in the difficult situation. In the research and analysis of this paper, it is found that the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic has had a lot of negative impacts on the catering industry. This paper will also conduct comparative analysis according to the specific time nodes of the epidemic in China and the specific data of the catering industry at specific time points in order to make the data more direct and comparable to draw a correct and convincing conclusion. This paper will deeply explore the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on China's catering industry, and provide some references for the development direction of the food industry under the epidemic. Finally, the conclusion of this paper is that the epidemic has had a large number of negative economic impacts on the food industry and, to some extent, put the catering industry in danger.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220196

    Bank Marketing Strategy Based on Consumer Loan Behavior Prediction

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, more people and small enterprises have tended to loan from banks. By analyzing the loan behavior of bank customers and the decision-making process of loan behavior, this paper proposes and optimizes the strategy and marketing model. The customer's marital status, real estate status, and the type of contact information left will affect the customer's loan behavior. And the influence of the three factors is ranked as follows: marriage is more significant than contact information, and contact information is more excellent than real estate.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220197

    Analysis of the Main Influencing Factors of Automobile Sales Based on Empirical Analysis

    The automobile industry has always been an essential pillar of China's national economy, but its rapid development needs strengthening. The renewal of tradi-tional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles will be a point of growth for the auto-motive industry, which will also reduce environmental pollution. Although the state strongly advocates for people to buy new energy, the effect is insignificant. This paper uses SPSS and SPSSPRO software to establish a linear regression model and conduct an empirical analysis of car production, car ownership, oil consumption, road mileage, GDP, and gross national income. According to the model results, the most significant impact on car sales is car production, and oil consumption, road mileage, and GDP also affect car sales. At the same time, most of the independent variables are correlated. According to the model results, relevant suggestions are put forward to help boost the sales of new energy vehi-cles to maintain the development of the automobile industry and protect the environment.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220200

    Determine the Relationship between Population, Residents’ Income and the Price of Real Estate using Linear Regression

    People are constantly looking for the perfect spot to live, but the price of a home isn't always in a reasonable range for them to afford it. For example, in Montreal, the price of a home is relatively higher, while in Northern New Brunswick, it is relatively lower. As is known to all, the population and income of people are different in each region. As a result, there could be a connection between the size of the population, the amount of money individuals make, and the cost of real estate. To help people to find the proper room to live, it is very meaningful to determine the factors that influence the price of a home. To start with, the table of population and people’s income in 18 different regions is listed. According to the table, the graphs of the relationship between population, people’s revenue and housing costs are sketched by using R studio. Finally, using linear regression, the conclusion that the more people live in a region, the higher price of a home is. Besides, the more income people have in a region, the higher price of a home is.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220203

    Economic Policy Uncertainty, Corporate ESG Performance, and the Cost of Financing Debt

    This paper examines the relationship between economic policy uncertainty (EPU), corporate ESG performance, and the cost of financing debt using a fixed effect model and finally discusses the impact of corporate ESG performance on the cost of financing debt against the backdrop of economic policy uncertainty. The results of this paper show that EPU has a positive impact on financing costs, but corporate ESG performance has a mitigating effect on this effect. According to the construction standards of ESG rating indicators, this paper further explores the impact of corporate ESG disclosure on the cost of corporate financing debt under the background of economic policy uncertainty. It concludes that ESG disclosure has the same moderating effect as ESG performance, and the effect of ESG disclosure is stronger.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220204

    Study the Impact of the Epidemic on the Stock Market from the Perspective of Behavioral Economic

    Since the successful development of COVID-19 vaccine and the launch of some related drugs. The epidemic has gradually become less terrible and let us see the hope of economic recovery. In the past three years, quite a few industries in China have suffered losses or even closures due to the epidemic. Does the normalization of the epidemic represent the gradual improvement of the market? Similarly, will the stock market also be affected and fluctuate accordingly? If you know the im-pact parameters of the stock market and the epidemic situation, can you make profits in the stock market? After generating these questions, we first analyze the current investors and summarize the characteristics of age, occupation and marital status, which is an important part of the analysis of the stock market. Then, the relationship between the epidemic and enterprises concluded that the tertiary in-dustry was most closely related to the epidemic situation. Put forward a concept of "epidemic stock" that is to say, the stock that affected obviously by the epidem-ic situation. In the use of behavior financial knowledge, I will have no rich in-vestment experience of retail investors, outbreak reference, and suit the remedy to the case at the same time, keep a result will never just a factor decision attitude. For example, "epidemic stock" analysis about the model and supplement of profes-sional knowledge, to introduce the analysis of outbreak. In order to help you grasp the proportion of the epidemic impact on the epidemic stocks, convenient for investment reference.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220213

    Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic on Consumption Patterns

    Due to the epidemic's spread, people are now more dependent on online shopping and their consumption pattern have changed. Which might have an effect on the business environment and economic growth. Using linear regression models and related data analysis, this paper studies user online consumption data from 2018 to 2021 and finds that there has been a significant increase in online consumption gains during this period. In other words, the epidemic partially contributes to the modernization of consumption practices and the increase of online shopping. Overall, this paper highlight how changing consumption patterns have affected social and economic advancement and offer crucial insights for economic recovery in the post-epidemic period.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-04-27 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/6/20220214

    The Influence of Cognitive Bias on People's Online Shopping Decision

    Since China initially established a simple online shopping model in 1999 and experienced 20 years of a long development, people should have accumulated a lot of online shopping experience. However, people will still make many irrational decisions. From the perspective of behavioral economics, this paper considers more factors regarding the assumption of a "rational person" in traditional economics, breaks the shortcomings of conventional assumptions, and more systematically explains many economic phenomena. It enables people to avoid the same mistakes and maintain relative rationality after understanding the economic phenomena contained in the irrational decision-making of online shopping. In order to achieve this goal, this paper will list several representative cognitive biases and link them with various irrational online shopping behaviors so that people can understand how these irrational behaviors produce and affect people. Finally, this paper finds that when people make decisions, they are often affected by the "field dependence" of external information and the "field independence" of people's hearts. What people can do is accumulate knowledge reserves and keep relatively rational when making similar decisions in the future.

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