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    Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Economic Management and Green Development (ICEMGD 2022), Part Ⅰ

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    The aim of ICEMGD is to provide a platform for educators, scholars, managers, and graduate students from different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments, and innovations in their academic fields. It provides opportunities for the attendees to exchange new ideas and application experiences, establish business or research relations, and look for global partners for future collaborations. 


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    Javier Cifuentes-Faura, University of Murcia

    Canh Thien Dang, King's College London


  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022723

    Blockchain Technology-based Construction Project Management System --A Case from Xiong’an construction funds management blockchain system

    Due to the large amount of funds involved, the large number of participants, and the complicated projects in the construction industry, it is difficult to improve work efficiency. The block chain technology, by which the data cannot be tampered, is decentralized, and intelligence contracts can be applied, so it provides a new way for the construction project management. This article analyzes the current situation of construction project management, points out the current problems, and discusses the application of blockchain technology in the management of construction projects. Finally, it takes the construction fund management blockchain system of Xiong'an New Area in China as an example, to discuss the application prospect of block chain technology in construction project management and the problems that remain to be solved.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022727

    The effectiveness of information disclosure under cyber attack

    With the global economy increasingly relying on electronic transactions, more and more companies are suffering from network attacks, which have a certain impact on the future development of their enterprises. I use the information of cyber attacks suffered by Listed Companies in the United States from 2005 to 2019 to analyze whether the cyber attacks will have a short-term impact on the stock prices of the companies under attack, and whether effective information disclosure can help the companies to stop the loss effectively to a certain extent. I find that effective information disclosure can help enterprises reduce the negative impact to a certain extent, and when the relevant information reaches a higher degree of openness and transparency, it can help enterprises go through the crisis more smoothly compared to the enterprises less so.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022732

    Method optimization research for building a competency model library

    Building a competency model will effectively help Chinese enterprises to realize the scientific and systematic human resources management, enhance the overall comprehensive strength, and complete the transformation of high-level, high-quality development. However, the current competence model in the domestic application of low efficiency and lack of scientific and reasonable construction standards, to solve this problem, I hope that through the introduction of advanced management scientific knowledge, from the practical application of enterprises, comprehensive consideration of individual competence, job competence, and organizational environment requirements, optimize the competency model research methods and overall structure, achieve the standard of competence model, and then establish a competency model library, for the mainstream industry to provide standard templates for various positions, to achieve the perfection of enterprise employment standards and evaluation training system.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022746

    Conceptual Analysis of the 3E System Based on New Human Capital Theory

    The contradiction between energy supply and demand, environmental protection, and economic development is becoming more and more obvious. How to coordinate and balance the relations between energy, environment, and economy has become a common concern of scholars. In this context, the Energy-Environment-Economy (3E) system is gradually maturing, and up to now, the 3E system has been widely used in the evaluation of the development of various regions. In order to make the 3E system closer to the real social situation in the application, the measured results have more practical significance. Based on the new human capital theory, this paper summarizes and analyzes the relevant research literature, and discusses the influence of population on the three subsystems of energy, economy, and environment in the 3E system. It is found that population has an impact on each subsystem, among which it is worth noting that the impact of population on the environmental subsystem is diverse and complex, so the current situation of the 3E system is different from the theory. The article examines the impact of population on the 3E system in order to optimize and complement the 3E system.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022747

    The impact of COVID-19 on the standard of living of Chinese food delivery workers in the gig economy1

    When the Chinese economy stopped amid the coronavirus pandemic, more than 6 million food delivery workers helped to distribute medicine, daily supplies, and meals becoming the crucial link between individual households and society. In light of the positive media attention and the heightened importance of food delivery workers, the researc her wondered if their living standards have actually been improved during COVID-19. Surveying 227 workers and interviewing 11 workers, the author conducted research on the impact of the pandemic on their compensation, ratings, social status and customer respect. After analyzing both the interview and survey data. This study found that although workers experienced a moderate improvement in their ratings, social status and customer respect, they also suffered a drastic income loss during the pandemic. Furthermore, this research found that the reasons behind those changes were mainly temporary and unique features of the pandemic. As the pandemic failed to make lasting systemic improvements in Chinese food delivery workers’ living standards, further research is needed to address their daily challenges.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022752

    Research on the Influence Mechanism of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Behavior from the Perspective of Attribution Theory

    Since prior studies did not focus a lot on the influence mechanism of CSR on consumer behavior from the perspective of consumers, this topic needs to be further researched. Based on the attribution theory, this study takes Hongxing Erke as the representative case using grounded theory to explore the influence mechanism of CSR on consumer behavior. This research finds that CSR strength, CSR consistency and brand image are the three main conditions that affect consumers' attribution pattern, and consumers' perception of marketing is the boundary condition that affects consumers' attribution pattern. Attribution can be divided into prosocial and self-interest. Prosocial attribution has a positive effect on consumers' purchase intention, while self-interest attribution has a negative effect on consumers' purchase intention. This study has certain guiding significance for enterprises' marketing strategy and CSR implementation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022757

    Status Quo and Improvement Path of Social Responsibility Information Disclosure in Corporate Development Management

    Fundamental is a sound social responsibility information disclosure mechanism to prosper large-scale businesses. This paper dissected the correction between Fosun Pharma s performance of corporate social responsibility and its advances, as corporate social responsibility now has jostled for public attention at home and abroad. Efforts were invested in analyzing the disclosure of social responsibility accounting information by the representative Fosun Pharma on the basis of the theory of corporate social responsibility and stakeholder theory. The company failed to prepare a well-functioning strategic CSR in the process of fulfilling its social responsibility, and showed certain deficiencies such as insufficient disclosure of social responsibility quantitative information, delayed disclose of negative information, onefold disclosure form, and defective control environment, revealed the investigation. Meanwhile, it suggested that progress should be made in cultivating the awareness of corporate social responsibility information disclosure, quantifying indicators as much as possible, enriching information disclosure form, and shaping a good control environment for social responsibility performance. This research not only enriches the research literature on the relationship between CSR and corporate development, but enlarges the variable scope of corporate social responsibility, which is of certain practical significance for corporate development management and the establishment of a sound social responsibility management mechanism.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022764

    NFT Popularity -- Digital Artwork and Baudrillard's Theory of Consumption Alienation

    With the popularity of 2021 NFT digital art, some concepts that people pay little attention to are gradually coming into people’s view. In the transaction process of digital artworks, the introduction of blockchain technology, the application of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and other technologies or concepts gradually make it possible to sell a large number of digital products with cultural symbol characteristics. Therefore, the post-modernity era, which is composed of simulacra and new technologies, cultures and social forms, has arrived, as the French scholar Jean Baudrillard said. NFT art formally marks the end of the modern era dominated by production, industrial capitalism. This paper will explore the relationship between consumption alienation and the popularity of digital art through the perspective of consumption alienation put forward by Baudrillard

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022765

    The Influence Mechanism of Investor Behavior Deviation on Beta Anomalies in the Perspective of Behavioral Finance

    There are many interference factors in the real capital market, such as the ineffectiveness of the capital asset pricing model, and even the negative correlation between the systematic risk and return. Based on the basic theory of behavioral finance, this paper empirically tests the influence mechanism of investors' behavior deviation on a beta anomaly by taking China's A-share listed companies as samples from 2017 to 2020. It is found that both the strategy of buying the winner and the strategy of contrarian investment are positively related to the beta anomaly, that is, the higher the probability of irrational investors adopting these two strategies, the higher the probability of beta anomaly in the A-share market. The research conclusion provides new empirical evidence for understanding the relationship between investor behavior deviation and beta anomaly and also provides a certain reference for relevant departments to monitor market risk.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022767

    Research on the Countermeasures of Corporate Financing Constraints under the Background of Financial Digital Transformation

    Financial digital transformation is an important means for enterprises to achieve high-quality prosperity under the new development pattern. How to make use of the opportunity of financial digital transformation to relieve the financing constraints is worth pondering. Based on the digital transformation of corporate finance and the current situation of financing capacity in China, this paper puts forward some suggestions on how to deal with the financing constraints in line with China's national conditions. The government should actively introduce policies to promote the development of digital technology and the digital transformation of enterprises while effectively supervising enterprises, third-party data companies and the internet finance industry. The financial market should actively set up and develop small and medium-sized banks and private banks, perfect the enterprise credit system and carry out financial innovation. Enterprises should promptly deploy the digital transformation strategy, standardize the business operations, improve the management level and build diversified financing channels.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022769

    A Sino-US case study of the mobile payment fintech companies

    The popularity of smartphones and mobile networks has led modern people to live in an era of electronic payments and a cashless society. Big tech giants use capital and technology strength in constant penetrating of the financial industry, trying to preempt a first move in mobile finance. By constructing a comparative analysis, this paper attempts to dive into the strategies of recent mobile payment business players both in China and the USA, the newcomers and evolving trend of the competition, key factors that underpin the success of client loyalty, and future competitive advantage and limitations in an economy with multivariate currency media available. The paper concludes that in an economic environment where state-backed and privately issued digital currencies coexist, and the metaverse concept emerges, tech companies should lay out new business forms of mobile payment and seek new roles as a medium that embraces all three types of currencies and continue to benefit the digital economy and society. It is rational to expect that tech tycoons can embrace challenges in the mobile payment marketplace and are ready to thrive in the newly derived metaverse market.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022770

    Analysis of the Impact of Fund Behavior on WTI Crude Futures Market

    In recent years, uncertainties in the international community have increased, and the factors affecting crude oil futures prices are often diversified. This paper studies the driving factors of three dimensions that influence the price of crude oil and focuses on the influence of the financial dimension on the price of crude oil. At the same time, the multivariate regression model is constructed to conduct an empirical analysis to judge the factors that can affect the crude oil futures price and the correlation between the occurrence of special events and the crude oil price fluctuation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022771

    Market Volatility of the Chinese and U.S Stock Based Hospitality Industry during the Pandemic

    The aftermath of the Covid-19 virus has negatively jeopardized nearly the overall industries globally. Many studies have pointed out effluent suggestions to ameliorate the influence of such a disaster. However, without the supplement of well-knitted mathematical models and methodologies, these assertions will be merely invalid and even will result in a negative impact on the global economy. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the effects of stock prices in multi-international hotel industries. In particular, the research investigates the performance of four stocks two high ending hotel leading stocks and two average stocks, and each category consists of one Chinese stock and one American stock. In order to demonstrate the rationality and objectivity of this paper, we will utilize the Efficient Market Hypothesis as a prerequisite of this research, and we presume that the market efficiency during the pandemic for the hotel industries in both countries has had a weak form by employing several authentic studies to back up the contention. In addition, we will forthputting various applications of statistic methodologies to illustrate that there is a correlation between the prevail of Covid-19 and the volatility of stocks. In a nutshell, the meaning of this study is that it is able to exhibit the correlation between the spreading of the Covid and the price of those stocks in order to facilitate the process of decision making for potential investors in the near future.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022772

    Trade Globalization and Inequality: Evidence Across Economies

    In recent years, trade globalization has experienced rapid growth, however, within many countries, income gap is also widening. Whether there exists causality needs further investigation. This work uses the panel of 166 countries during 1970-2018 and employs the exogeneous variation of trade globalization in the last period to explore its effect on income inequality. The paper finds trade globalization has a significantly positive effect on income inequality and it is robust when constructing instrument variables, considering long term effects or using changes in the regression. However, the effect varies in economies with different income and development levels, and technology, education, governance, policy and other factors may have important roles. Now, trade globalization is still a promising opportunity for all countries and each should develop discretionary policy to make the most of it.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022773

    The Impact of COVID-19 on International Trade: Differences Between Importing and Exporting Countries

    During the pandemic period, import and export trade has been affected seriously. This study investigates the different implications on importing and exporting countries of international trade under the COVID-19 pandemic. The data in this article include the top five net exporters and top five net importers in 2019 ranked by their account balance. After the comparison, there are four findings have been found. First, the epidemic has had a severe negative impact on international trade for both importing and exporting countries. Second, the impacts of the pandemic on exporting countries are relatively deeper and consist longer than the importing countries. Third, unlike international trade on a global scale, intra-Asian trade has fewer negative impacts on exporting countries. Fourth, the negative impact of the COVID-19 burden on exporters is more pronounced in developing country exports rather than developed countries

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022774

    The Current Situation and Hidden Dangers of Internet Finance in China

    With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of China's economy, China's Internet finance is growing rapidly. As China's Internet finance is in its infancy, a suitable regulatory system has not yet been formed, which leads to many risks in third-party payment, Internet lending, and crowd-funding platforms. This research will specifically explore what risks exist and why they arise, then make some recommendations for them. The findings of this study include recommendations for forward-targeted industry supervisory procedures and preventive actions. In conclusion, China's Internet finance has great potential, and the government should introduce legal provisions and build regulatory agencies to prevent these risks.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022776

    The Main Factors Contributing to China’s FDI

    According to the data recently released by OECD, the world's foreign direct investment showed a significant decline of 42% in 2020. However, China's FDI rose against the trend, becoming the world's largest foreign capital inflow country for the first time, and surpassing the United States. This paper uses the data of the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics and Wind data to analyze the main factors contributing to China's FDI. The results show that in the overall multiple linear regression, only the ratio of exports and imports has a negative correlation with FDI, the ratio of foreign trade to GDP, population, and the number of international firms have positive and the trade war between US and China and Covid-19 pandemic are not significant for FDI, the coefficient of two variables is both negative. For the multiple linear regression by year, the significant influencing factors in different years are different and show volatility.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022779

    The Impact of Successful Bid for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Local Economic and Social Lives

    Our paper examines the impact of the bid for Beijing Winter Olympic Games on social economy and society with data from 2010 to 2020.In this project, regression discontinuity design (RDD) is applied to analyze the changes of GDP, residential income per capital and CPI's response to the five independent variables related to the successful bid for Winter Olympics: time dummy, infrastructure investment, cultural and athletic expenditures, international travel income and the number of sports venues. Our results show that the effects of bid for Winter Olympics on GDP and residential income per capita are insignificant, while the effects of bid on CPI are significantly positive. The influential path from bid to CPI is through the three variables above: cultural and athletic expenditures, international travel income and the number of sports venues.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/2022780

    Research on Apple’s Motivational Behavior for Knowledge Workers

    With the progress of society, the factors that affect the development and management of enterprises are also more diversified. Among them, the incentive mechanism for employees is a necessary factor to promote the development of enterprises; and knowledge-based employees, as products of the information age, are an important force to promote enterprises. This paper takes Apple as a case study to study the incentive mechanism of knowledge workers. Based on the definitions of motivational behavior and knowledge workers, the article looks for the application of motivational theories in organizational behavior such as Maslow’s Hierarchical Theory of Needs in Apple. By analyzing the research on the incentive mechanism of knowledge workers, it is found that Apple is more controversial in the two aspects of internal incentives and salary fairness for knowledge workers. Therefore, this article concludes based on the research results: Two-factor theory and fairness theory are what Apple needs to pay special attention to and use when conducting incentive behaviors. The significance of this research is to analyze the motivational behavior of the enterprise, improve it with the theory of organizational behavior, and practice it in the future enterprise management, so that the strengths of knowledge workers can promote the growth of the enterprise.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-21 Doi: 10.54254/2754-1169/3/20220781

    The Governance Effect of China's Green Finance Policy from an International Perspective

    Most of the previous studies on the utility of green financial policies have focused on provincial data, exploring the differences between different provinces at the same time; few have focused on China as the main body, focusing on the positive effects of national-level green financial policies on the rapid development of the economy and society effect. Based on the macro data of 43 countries, this paper uses the SBM model of undesired output to measure the main characteristics of social and economic development. It estimates the net effect of China's green financial policy through the non-parametric synthetic control method. The study found that China's green financial policy has a significant positive effect on the improvement of factor productivity. Further exploration of the predictor variables shows that China's industrial structure and technical level are relatively low, and the use efficiency of green financial funds and government green finance need to be optimized.

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